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Using Contract Wallcoverings in a Residential Setting

Contract wallcoverings are generally used for commercial design projects, such as a retail outlets, restaurants, educational settings, healthcare centers, or office spaces. However, that doesn’t mean designers can’t make use of commercial wallpaper in a residential setting. For your next home design project, why not consider using contract wallcoverings and take advantage of its unique benefits? In this article, we’ll be going over how contract wallcoverings can be the perfect fit for a residential setting and some examples of where to use them.

Wallpaper Durability

Contract wallcoverings are uniquely suited to high traffic environments. Although homes are typically considered low traffic spaces, this feature of contract wallcoverings can still be beneficial in residential projects. With a tougher surface that is more resistant to scratches, abrasions, and dents, it’s produced with durability in mind in order to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of commercial settings.

In many cases, the key focus when designing a residential environment tends to be on the visual aspects of the wallpaper – what is the wallpaper style (e.g. damask, faux effects, floral), what color or color palette fits the space (e.g. red, light gray-blue, warm versus cool tones). After that, the focus often shifts to the wallpaper materials, such as whether designers want to go with vinyl, textile or grasscloth wallpaper.

Product durability is a key feature when designing commercial spaces, but there’s no reason why designers can’t look at wallpaper strength for their residential projects either!

Wallpaper for Humid or Wet Environments

Some areas of the home can be difficult to decorate, especially those that experience wet or more humid conditions. One common issue with humid environments is that over time, the adhesive between the wall and wallcovering can become unfastened as it absorbs water from the atmosphere. The solution? Vinyl contract wallcoverings have a non-porous surface, meaning water cannot penetrate through to the wallpaper backing. This protects the adhesive, allowing the wallcovering to remain on the walls without becoming loose.

In addition, many contract wallcoverings are treated with a Bio-Pruf surface. This specialized material protects against mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, making it the perfect solution for more humid or wet environments.

Where to Use Contract Wallcoverings in the Home

After looking at some of the major benefits of using contract wallcoverings, what areas within the home should designers be looking at? First, powder rooms and bathrooms are perfect candidates. Splashing water? No problem! The vinyl surface protects the contract wallcovering from damage. In the kitchen, the walls can get inadvertently splashed with other liquids and food debris. Because many contract wallcoverings have a scrubbable and washable surface, it’s easy to maintain and clean. Playrooms and kid’s rooms are another area within the home that can benefit from contract wallcoverings. Minor dents and scrapes do happen, especially when kids are playing.

Another interesting benefit contract wallcoverings have is that there will be fewer seams since the width of the product is 50”. This makes it wider than that of traditional residential wallpaper, which averages around 21” in width. Because of its larger size, contract wallcovering is particularly suited for larger rooms, such as basements. In addition, bigger walls or areas that have a larger coverage can make use of the wider width of contract wallcoverings. This includes areas such as hallways, foyers/entrances, and staircases.

Lastly, contract wallcoverings often have a good lightfastness rating, meaning the product will not suffer any discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight. This makes contract wallcoverings perfect for use in rooms that sees a lot of natural sunlight, such as a sunroom or other outdoor rooms (these rooms typically have some form of coverage from the weather and are not entirely exposed to the elements).

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