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Using Image Scale To Create Different Looks With Digital Prints

When we think of traditional wallpaper or even digital wallpaper murals, the most common thing that comes to mind is how the product covers the entire surface of the walls.

However, there’s another use for digital wallpaper murals that are a bit out of the box and allows designers to get even more creative with their vision for the interior space. It uses a simple method: framing.

Instead of going the traditional route and using wallpaper from wall to wall and covering every inch of the surface, creating a digital wallpaper mural that’s smaller and framing it is a unique take on wall décor that uses traditional wallpapering methods in a creative new way.

Interior Designers Can Get Creative

Unlike traditional wallpapers, digital murals have a creativity that’s fundamentally attached to the creation process. Whether it’s editing the scale of the image, color, text, and so on, digital wallpaper murals can be easily customized to fit any wallpaper design project. However, interior designers can go a step further and use digital murals in a way that’s truly original. Choosing a stylish frame is an added step in the creative process, one that plays off the theme of the chosen digital image for your wallpaper mural.

It’s Much More Affordable

For smaller design projects, you may want to use a custom digital print mural but find that it’s outside of your budget. In this case, creating a smaller digital print mural can help cut costs down. It still adds an interesting visual element to the space, but at a price point that will fit your budget. Fully finished frames can vary in theme (antique styles versus more contemporary styles); interior designers can even consider DIY methods of constructing their own frame to give the digital print mural a more personalized touch.

You Can Mix and Match Different Wallpaper Prints

To make a design project look extra special and unique, you can even use a different wallpaper print on the walls and place the framed digital print on top, creating an original layered look that truly is one of a kind. For example, the retro geometric wallpaper would be used across the entire wall while the framed cityscape digital mural wallpaper would be placed on top. The geometric “background” helps accentuate the contemporary appeal of the digital print mural.



What Type of Images Look Best Framed?

When selecting images to be framed, focus on digital prints that feature non-repetitive imagery. Since the point of framing a digital print mural is to help accentuate the mural and create a look that attracts people’s attention, choosing an appropriate image with a focal point is often the key to success.

Adding a Touch of Nature

Floral digital print murals are a popular category that adds a touch of the outdoors to any interior space. In particular, images depicting individual flowers work best when framed as it creates a central point that draws the attention of people walking through the space. An example of a floral digital print wallpaper that works well as a framed mural is Soft Dahlia.


Picture Perfect Portraits

With Prime Walls’ digital print mural wallpapers, images are rendered with a high degree of detail and precision, making it the perfect choice for portraits and other complex images. Photographic realism gives the space a personal touch, adding a unique characteristic to the interiors. One example is Lucy & the Grapes, an iconic scene that encapsulates that perfect retro appeal.


World Maps: Both Old and New

World maps is another digital image category that is perfect for framing. For interior designers looking to create a historic or modern aesthetic, Prime Walls features an extensive collection of diverse world map wallpaper styles. Some are more contemporary while others have an antique look and feel to them. This image category really allows designers to get creative, especially when pairing digital print murals with the selected frames. Pairing a frame with an older or antique look with the first world map shown below will create a much different aesthetic than a sleek modern frame with the second image.


Suitable for Kid’s Rooms Too!

Creating a smaller digital print wallpaper mural that will be framed is one way to add a burst of color and creativity to a room without it becoming too distracting or overwhelming. For a kid’s bedroom or playroom, framing a digital print mural is one way to add a playful aesthetic that immediately brightens the atmosphere. One example is this digital print mural wallpaper featuring cute cartoon animals.


Adding a Scenic Look

Last but not least, natural landscapes or cityscapes lend themselves perfectly for use as a framed image. These images are chock full of small details that are brought to life through modern digital printing techniques. For a contemporary look, cityscapes provide a dense, urban aesthetic. From London and Toronto to Hong Kong and Berlin, be sure to explore our collection of urban digital print wallpaper murals to find one that’s perfect for your next design project.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, digital print murals like Aosta Valley feature a more painterly or traditional look. With a more artistic aesthetic, digital images like the one below create a much different mood within the space.



Explore Different Digital Substrates

Prime Walls offers over 50 different options to choose from, some of which will be a better stylistic fit for your digital image than others. From substrates perfect for classical portraits to ones that provide a subtle shine, don’t forget to check out our other guide, Everything You Need To Know About Prime Wall’s Digital Substrates.

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