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Walls IQ: Prime Walls’ Dry Erase Wallcoverings

Walls IQ is an exciting, innovative product from Prime Walls that combines efficiency and convenience with versatility and flexibility all in one stylish wallcovering. It’s a wall décor product that inspires creativity, collaboration, and brainstorming. Dry erase wallcoverings have many uses and applications, both in residential and commercial design projects. In this article, we’ll be going through some areas where our Walls IQ products can truly make an impact.

What is Walls IQ?

Walls IQ is a series of dry erase wallcoverings that transform traditional walls into functional, usable surfaces. You can use dry erase markers directly on the surface and erasing is as simple as swiping it off with a whiteboard eraser.

The dry erase wallcoverings can be used vertically or horizontally. How you install the Walls IQ product is your decision and can depend on the wall shape/size you’re covering or the intended usage for the dry erase surface within the space. In the image below, the 60” dry erase wallcovering strips are hung horizontally to create a wide writable surface.


Residential Applications

Our Walls IQ products are much different than traditional residential wallpaper or digitally printed wallpaper. These dry erase wallcoverings transforms the walls into functional canvases that can be used in many different ways. Let’s take a look at some popular examples:


Whether you need space to jot down a special recipe, write out your grocery list or make some quick notes about what to cook for dinner, having a writable surface within the kitchen space is a convenient way to stay organized and it keeps the counters tidy as well!

You can even use our Walls IQ dry erase wallcoverings to create custom kitchen calendars on a month-by-month basis. It’s as easy as using a permanent marker to draw the calendar template and switching to a dry erase marker to add in the month, days, and year. When it’s time to change to a new month, erasing the calendar will keep the template in tact allowing you to fill in content for the new month.

Playrooms and Bedrooms

When using our dry erase wallcoverings for a child’s playroom, you can actually encourage kids to draw on the walls! With a wide variety of different colored dry erase markers on the market, kids can get creative and share their artwork that can be easily erased and redrawn at any time. Blackboards and paint easels are generally much smaller and have a more limited and restrictive space for drawing. With Walls IQ, you control the “canvas” size (each section is 60" or 1.52m).

As the kids grow older, the dry erase wallcoverings can take on a more functional usage. Teenagers can use the walls as a brainstorming canvas or general workspace when working on their homework and other projects.

Home Office

Certain Walls IQ products can be tremendously useful for home offices. Walls IQ Low Gloss dry erase wallcoverings works well with projection devices since its surface reduces glare. The functional surface means you can preview your PowerPoint presentation in real time and make quick edits on the fly.


Commercial Applications

Similar to residential applications, Walls IQ has a variety of commercial applications that makes walls more versatile and functional.

Business Offices

As shown in an earlier image at the beginning of this article, Walls IQ can be used within commercial business offices to create a writeable space, even on the surface of glass walls. A large whiteboard can be cumbersome to move and takes up valuable space. For even more functionality, our Walls IQ Magnetic wallcoverings combines the benefits of dry erase with a magnetic surface, perfect for hanging up papers and posters.


Within the business office space, dry erase can aid in team collaboration, brainstorming, and other day-to-day activities.


Traditional chalkboards may be the iconic “look” and feel of a classroom, but updating to a dry erase wallcovering is the way of the future. There’s no irritating chalk dust when using dry erase markers, plus it’s much easier to clean whenever you need to clear the surface.

It’s not just classrooms and study rooms that benefit from dry erase wallcoverings. University campus dorms can be turned into more functional spaces as well. Installing dry erase wallcoverings to create a writeable surface can be an excellent study aid for students.

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