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Ordering & Delivery Checklist

your walls republic order and delivery checklist

At Walls Republic, we want to help you transform spaces with the best products available at the lowest prices. We also want to make sure that your experience with us is fun, efficient and stress-free.

Here are 3 important areas of information that will make your experience with us a success. Please provide us with:

  1. 1. Product details:

    • Make sure you are ordering the right quantity for your project – For residential wallpapers, our Wallpaper Calculator can be very helpful. However if you are in doubt, we strongly suggest you consult a Professional Installer
    • Keep in mind that you may need to order extra material to account for wastage
    • For Residential wallpaper and Commercial wall coverings, we suggest you order feeler samples before placing an order – be confident in your decision; feel and touch it to make sure it is exactly the right fit for your project
  2. 2. Payment details:

    • Your billing details – name, full address, email, phone
    • Your chosen form of payment – VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover Card, PayPal, wire transfer*
    • Credit card numbers, expiration, security code (3-4 digits on the back)
  3. 3. Shipping details

    • Full addresses and contact details for residential deliveries
    • Regularly monitored email address or phone number of person receiving the order
    • Level of shipping service – standard shipping, couriered shipping and expedited shipping are available
    • For more details about what you need to know about shipping, please see the Walls Republic shipping page.

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