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Stylish Digital Prints & Wallpapers You Can Frame

In our previous article, Getting Creative With Wallpaper: How To Use Your Murals As Art, we talked about how framing digital murals can be a cost effective yet stylish way to add wallpaper to the interior space. Instead of covering the entire wall with a digital mural, designers can opt to create a smaller digital print and frame it to create a unique look.

In this article, let’s discuss how designers can use framed images in the room and take a closer look at some digital prints that would work well as a framed image.

Repeating Patterns versus “Single” Images

The first step is to select what type of image you want to frame. While our previous article focused on digital prints, designers can use traditional wallpaper products as well. Wallpaper or digital prints that feature repeating patterns can absolutely be framed and used in interesting ways. In order to make the best use of wallpaper/digital prints that feature repeating patterns, designers will have to think outside the box, which we’ll cover in the next section.

Of course, the easiest image types to frame are those that feature a single focal point or object. Some examples include portraits and paintings, landscape/scenery, or a close-up look at a flower.

However, not all wallpaper styles look great when they’re framed. For instance, texture wallpaper offers very little in terms of interesting imagery. Similarly, certain grasscloth or natural wallpaper suffers from the same problem.

Using Framed Digital Prints

Once you’ve selected your wallpaper or digital print for framing, there are many ways to hang the framed images. With repeating patterns, hanging a single piece on the wall may look out of place. Consider using the repetition of the patterns to create a more diverse and engaging look. For example, create three framed images using the same wallpaper and arrange them on the walls in creative ways. Hanging multiple framed images in a row (horizontally or vertically) can create a feeling of length or height, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Alternatively, hanging multiple framed images diagonally helps to create a sense of movement and energy.

Designers can even get creative with mixing and matching different repeating wallpaper patterns together. For example, take the Tropical Leaves design in the Designed For Living wallpaper collection. Framing each of the three color variations and hanging them together creates an interesting gradient effect.

Source: Hayneedle

Leaning wall art is a growing trend and is best suited for framing larger digital prints that focus on a single image. This method works best in mid to large sized spaces. When used in a smaller space, it can make the room feel more cluttered and cramped. With non-repeating images, designers can simply hang the framed image on the wall as well.

Choosing The Right Substrate For Digital Prints

With custom digital prints, designers have more control over the final product and this includes the substrate the digital image is printed on (learn more in our previous article, Everything You Need To Know About Prime Wall’s Digital Substrates).

Choosing the right substrate for your particular image can help it look even better. Portraits and classical/traditional paintings look best on substrates such as Tight Weave, Linen, Stitched, and Canvas. Many of the listed substrates have a textured look that adds to the historical aesthetic of the image. For designers who want their image to have a subtle shine or glamorous look, substrates such as Reflect, Gold, Aluminum and Metallic Fiber all feature reflective surface.

Wallpaper Featuring Repeating Patterns:

Now that we’ve covered the types of images that work best when framed and how to use them, let’s take a look at some examples. First up are repeating patterns:

Combining geometric aesthetics with nature, Tropical Tesselation is a unique blend of both wallpaper categories. Designers might even consider pairing this particular wallpaper with Tropical Silhouettes or Shimmering Mosaic Tiles. For example, use the main pattern – Tropical Tessalation – in the center and select one of the two prints to put on either side. This creates a symmetrical look that follows the same color palette.

The watercolor effect featured on these two wallpaper patterns from the Atelier wallpaper collection makes it an excellent choice for framed images. The vibrant look works well to add a burst of excitement and color to the space, while the gentle painted look has an artistic aesthetic that gives it a handmade quality.


Our Small Talk wallpaper collection is the perfect choice for kid’s rooms. Whether you’re designing a playroom or bedroom, using these fun wallpaper images as framed prints adds a creative twist to the walls. Consider creating a series of framed images, making use of different sections of the wallpaper, such as the fox wearing glasses, the red birds, and one with just the trees.


Lastly, framed wallpaper is all about making a statement and putting your own personal twist on the space. More artistic styles, such as watercolor wallpaper, are an obvious choice to use as framed wallpaper. Featured above are two stunning repeating patterns that make a memorable impression. Whether it’s a relaxing koi pond or a Vincent Van Gogh-inspired print, designers can infuse the space with a lot of character.

Wallpapers & Digital Prints Featuring Single Images:

Next up, let’s take a look at wallpaper styles and digital prints that feature a single image. These are best used as a single framed wallpaper, whether up against the wall as leaning art of hung on the wall.


With digital prints, designers can customize the image scale to create a different dynamic (for more information on editing image scale, take a look at our previous article, Using Image Scale To Create Different Looks With Digital Prints). With this space-themed digital print, designers may want to have a close-up look at the astronaut for a more intimate feel, or zoom out for a more isolated look.


Prime Wall’s digital print collection also features some interesting themes, whether it’s floral and nature-related or depictions of real life places and people. The two examples above showcase the diverse images in our collection, both of which would be perfect for a kid’s room (or even adult dinosaur lovers!). Of course, you may be wondering if you can use your own image to create a digital print and the answer is yes! Our in-house designers are always ready to help. For more information, feel free to check out our guide, What You Need to Know When Looking for an Image for Your Custom Project.


Vibrant colors can add a dramatic look to the room but sometimes you want to be a bit more conservative with how you use them. Designers who want to add a splash of color to the space can do so in a more controlled manner. Printing a digital image in a smaller size and framing it instead of using the mural over the entire wall still adds a stylish look that balances more energetic or complex imagery with a minimalist approach.


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