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Grey Matters Linen Textured Vinyl Commercial CPW1061



Per Linear Yard (W:51") | Minimum order of 11 yards

Introducing our Linen Textured Vinyl Commercial Wallpaper, a versatile option designed to bring a touch of elegance to commercial interiors. This wallpaper features a finely detailed texture that closely resembles the natural grain of linen fabric, adding depth and sophistication to walls. Crafted from high-quality vinyl, it offers durability and ease of maintenance, ideal for high-traffic areas. The subtle yet inviting texture creates a sense of comfort and warmth, enhancing the overall ambiance of any space. Elevate your commercial interior with the timeless charm and durability of our Linen Textured Vinyl Commercial Wallpaper.

Pattern Match: Reverse Hang Random Match


  • 3500 centimetre
  • 106 centimeter
  • 10.8 centimeter
  • .027 inches
  • Class A Fire Rated / Fire Propagation Class 0
  • Pass
  • Water-based environmentally friendly inks; free of cadmium, mercury and ozone depleting chemicals
  • Type II Osnaburg backing
  • Alhambra is a Random Match Pattern

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