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Muance 2 Beige & Green Jasmina MU12025



Standard Size (W:73" x L:110")

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ft in
ft in

This nature inspired mural uses a muted color scheme to create a relaxing and zen atmosphere. Subtle painted tropical foliage climbs the wall while layered watercolor spots paint the bottom of the mural to create the look of a serene mountain landscape. The excellent texture throughout this design adds artistic value, making this perfect for a hospitality project.

This mural can be printed on the following substrates:
Non-woven matt (50 cm wide)
Textured Vinyl (50 and 100 cm wide)
Textile (50 and 100 cm wide)

Standard size: 500 cm x 270 cm - 10 panels

Pricing represents this mural's basic substrate - contact us for more pricing information

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