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Muance 2 Green Wall of Madu MU12010



Standard Size (W:73" x L:110")

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ft in
ft in

This faux wallpaper mural features a large warped wall assembled with wooden triangles. Golden and marble elements are scattered throughout, while the wood grain varies in direction to add an interesting and luxurious effect. Excellent use of shadow gives this mural great depth, making it a fantastic focal point for a commercial or hospitality project.

This mural can be printed on the following substrates:
Non-woven matt (50 cm wide)
Textured Vinyl (50 and 100 cm wide)
Textile (50 and 100 cm wide)
Metallic Gold (50 cm wide)

Standard size: 500 cm x 270 cm - 10 panels

Pricing represents this mural's basic substrate - contact us for more pricing information

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