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16. The Ultimate Guide To Digital Murals

Posted on January 25 2018

Digital murals truly offer endless possibilities in ways traditional wall décor can’t match. Whether your next interior design project is for a residential room or a large-scale commercial space, it’s never been a more exciting time for designers to co-create wallcoverings. Through the co-creation process, you have a direct impact on the final product, making it an original piece that’s specific to your project. In this ultimate guide to digital murals, we go through the various methods and steps of editing and customizing these prints. From selecting images to adding special effects, let’s look at how you can create your very own digital mural!


Geometric Rounded Cube Pattern Wallpaper 2001041


The Process of Creating a Digital Mural

The process of creating a digital mural can be broken down into multiple steps.

Choose an Image for your Digital Mural

At Prime Walls, there are three unique ways to begin the process of creating your very own digital mural. The first method is to simply select an image from our extensive collection of ready-to-use images. From bold, floral prints to contemporary geometric styles, our carefully curated group of ready-to-customize murals focus on image quality, variety, versatility, and functionality.


Custom Murals Tribute Wallpaper 55008


The second method of creating a digital mural is to upload your own image. There are some minor restrictions, such as the fact that any image you upload and use for your digital mural must be your own intellectual property. In other words, you must own the rights to use that image. This is an excellent way to take control of the wallcovering’s image since it will be your own. For design projects, this option allows for the development of a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Once the image is uploaded, you’ll be working with an experienced design team throughout the process.

Used as an office feature wall


The third and final method of customizing a digital mural is to simply provide us with your inspiration – what are you looking for? What did you have in mind for the room or project you’re working on? Do you or your client have general ideas for images or themes you want, such as brick, damask, or abstract? With this third option, you can send us a few images that convey your vision and we’ll source an image from our collection. In some cases, an image may also be created from scratch by our in-house artists.

Different Substrates

Online, we have a selection of four different types of substrates, each with their own benefits and specifications. However, we offer approximately 50 more commercial grade substrates in-store. Depending on your project needs, one type of material may be more advantageous over the rest. Here is a brief summary of each one:

Non-woven: Typically thought of as a more user-friendly type of wallcovering, non-woven wallpaper is easy to install and remove. This is particularly useful if you’ll be doing the installation yourself. The products are also eco-friendly and use a blend of synthetic and natural fibers.

Aqua Acrylic: While Aqua Acrylic also uses a non-woven base, what differentiates this from regular non-woven wallpapers and digital murals is that this contains a top layer that looks and feels different. This 100% non-pvc substrate has a matte, fabric-like surface that has improved scratch resistance. The Aqua Acrylic layer that sits on top of the wallpaper is natural latex (water-based), making it eco-friendly as well.


Aerial View Urban Map of Rome Wallpaper 2001033

Matte (Type II): Type II (and Type I) refers to vinyl wallcoverings, with Type II being medium to heavy duty. With increased durability, this material is perfect for high-traffic areas or spaces where bumping into the wall and scrapes may be common. Type II wallcovering is meant to take a beating but can stand the test of time as well. An example would be apartment hallways, which typically sees a lot of general traffic and movement.

Trendy looks for any space

Removable Self-Adhesive: Digital murals printed on a backing with removable self-adhesive means that it’s ready to put on the walls immediately – no need to worry about paste! Simply peel off the backing, position it on your walls, and apply. Removing these digital murals from the walls is also easy as it’s a matter of pulling on one corner and gently peeling it off, with no leftover residue on the wall’s surface. Clean and efficient!

Editing Colors and Other Special Effects

City Love Los Angeles, Hollywood Wallpaper CL06A


Since digital murals are printed on a case-by-case basis rather than mass produced like wallpaper rolls, each one can be easily customized to fit specific needs. Color and other special effects can be edited to certain specifications. For example, take a look at the Hollywood digital mural above and below featured in full color, black and white, and sepia. Depending on the specific style or mood you’re looking to achieve, colors can be edited based on your project needs. The original digital mural above adds a burst of color to the space with its photorealistic imagery. The black and white version has an authentic, old school appeal, while the sepia has a more relaxed color scheme.

Specific imagery or parts of the digital mural can also be edited as well. For example, take a look at the dog below. The eyes can be edited to a different color. Quotes on digital murals can be removed, edited, or positioned in a different location. Logos can also be added to give the digital mural a more personalized touch. This is especially essential if the digital mural is used in a commercial environment, such as a retail store or restaurant.

Different digital mural styles for any theme


Sizes and Scaling Digital Murals

Whether the digital mural is for a bedroom or an expansive wall in a lobby, the design or imagery can be scaled accordingly. What’s great about using a digital mural is that the size and scale of the image can be adapted so that the end result will look amazing no matter what. After all, the high quality, photorealistic look of a digital mural is part of what makes it an excellent choice as wall décor. With traditional wallpaper, the image scale and size is already set the moment you purchase a wallpaper roll. With digital murals, editing the size and scale is part of what you decide on when you customize an image.


An example of the scale


The Endless Possibilities of Digital Murals

While traditional wallpaper can transform a space, the actual product is not easily customizable. With digital murals, you become a part of the process in creating a fully finished, unique product that has been designed specifically for you and your project. Choosing an image, sizing and scaling it to specific dimensions, editing the color and adding/removing special effects – the process is creative and inclusive.

Abstract Loose Floating Fibers Wallaper 2001039


For designers who want to learn even more, you can take part in Prime Wall’s mini-sessions! These special classes aim to educate clients on all things digital prints. Book your appointment today! As always, be sure to keep an eye out for our Digital Print Trends 2018 selection as it’s updated throughout the year.


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