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39. The Top 5 Reasons Why Interior Designers Should Get A Wallpaper Book

Posted on June 05 2018

As many designers know, individual wallpaper patterns generally don’t exist in isolation, but are often included as part of a wider collection. These collections typically follow a specific theme, imagery, or artistic style, whether it’s traditional classic patterns with a rustic touch in Brockhall, or More Than Element’s emphasis on natural materials.

If you take a look at our catalogue of wallpaper collections, you’ll also see what we offer wallpaper books. If you’re unsure of what it is or whether or not it’s right for you, we’re here to tell you our top 5 reasons why interior designers should definitely get a wallpaper book!


Christian Fischbacher 219181 - Haiku



1. Wallpaper Collection Books Are Comprehensive

Wallpaper collections contain different patterns in different colorways. Some wallpaper collections may contain more designs than others, which may be more focussed on a smaller handful of patterns. Just take at the Christian Fischbacher wallpaper collection as an example. It features a large number of diverse wallpaper categories in one single collection. These include striped patterns, damask motifs, textured plains, geometrics, florals, and so on. What a wallpaper collection book does is gather each and every single wallpaper SKU in that collection and binds it together to create a book.

Think of wallpaper collection books as essentially a large textbook, one where every wallpaper pattern is represented. The way manufacturers organize the indexing of wallpaper patterns may be different, but ultimately every pattern available in the collection will be there. Some manufacturers opt to organize wallpapers by patterns. Going back to the Christian Fischbacher wallpaper collection, this means all of the geometric patterns would be placed together, following by all of the floral bird patterns, and so forth. The pattern and all of its colorways are grouped together.

Another way manufacturers organize the indexing of wallpaper patterns is by SKU, typically in an ascending manner. This means patterns may or may not be “out of order,” depending on how the wallpaper manufacturer originally labelled. A third popular way wallpaper collection books are internally organized is by theme or color. Wallpaper patterns may be grouped together based on color, such as the first few pages dedicated to beige wallpapers, then blue, then yellow, etc. Some manufacturers take this a step further and build theming into the wallpaper book. Using the Ornaments wallpaper collection as an example, they may put this blue floral wallpaper next to this black textured wallpaper in order to suggest that designers can easily pair the two.


Indian Summer 218563 - Inked Blossoms



2. Wallpaper Collection Books Are Convenient

With all of the wallpapers in one spot, this doesn’t just make the book comprehensive, but convenient as well! Interior designers have the entire collection at their fingertips – and we’re not talking about going online and looking at the digital images! Convenience here comes in many different forms. One is its convenient size. Wallpaper collection books are small, thin, and easy to store. Just take a look at the Indian Summer wallpaper collection book, which measures 18" in length and 18" in height, and contains 64 pages overall. Even in your design studio is on the small side, stacking multiple wallpaper collection books in the corner or on a shelf is simple.

Given that the book is full of wallpaper samples, they can be pretty heavy to hold. However, the majority of wallpaper collection books today feature a sturdy handle on the spine. Some are made with plastics, while others may be made of braided fabric. The ergonomics of using a wallpaper collection book is something that manufacturers have definitely thought about. Convenient storage is one thing, but convenience in transportation is also key!


Sungosa 227351 - Rustic Duo



3. Wallpaper Collection Books Are Perfect For Clients

If you host a lot of clients in your design studio, having a wallpaper collection book on hand is perfect for them. One of the major benefits for clients is that they can touch and feel the actual wallpaper product, and it’s definitely not just a small sample either! The wallpaper pages have been cut in a way that showcases the full scale of the product, particularly if it features an image. They’ll be able to get a good look at the product from its color and pattern, all the way to its materials and texture.

Of course, this means no more relying on online images that may not be clearly representing the color correctly! A wallpaper book is essentially a collection of cut samples that gives designers and their clients an accurate representation of the final wallpaper product (i.e. the roll). With online product images and room shots, the color may look different than the actual product – some colors may look bolder, while other’s look more faded. Similarly, the design scale can be hard to determine when looking at an online image. With a wallpaper collection book, you’ll be able to see first hand how large the damask motif is or how compact the geometric repetition is.


Precious Elements NH31101 - Vintage Wine



4. Wallpaper Collection Books Starts Conversations

By having the entire collection at your fingertips, you’ll be able to direct your clients in the right direction based on their vision. Are they looking for a faux effects pattern? Take out the Precious Elements wallpaper collection book and ask them what they think of this stately gray Punctuated Stone Brick pattern. Or, perhaps they were looking for something more modern from the Splendour collection.

The point is, wallpaper collection books have an excellent innate ability to start conversations between interior designers and their clients. For those outside of the design field, it may be hard to verbalize what they’re looking for. They may not be familiar with terms that designers use. A wallpaper collection book offers a way to bridge this gap in knowledge by allowing clients to explore their vision in a visual way.


Amira 226026 - Golden Floral



5. Wallpaper Collection Books Are Fun and Creative!

Last but not least, at the end of the day, no matter how versatile and functional wallpaper collection books are, they’re just really (really) fun to have in the office! It allows designers to quickly mix and match different patterns from different collections, creating unique designs with their own special touch. New wallpaper collection books also lets interior designers stay on trend with all the latest offerings from manufacturers across the globe. If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to get your hands on a new wallpaper collection!


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