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45. Exploring Digital Prints: The Rêver Collection

Posted on July 17 2018

Whether your next design project is for a commercial space or a residential one, there’s no denying the visual impact of a digital print. Perfect for use as a feature wall, these large-scale, expansive wall décor products are fully customizable; options include changing the image scale, overall digital print size, and even color! In this article, we’ll be taking an exclusive look at digital prints in the Rêver Collection, a group of digital wallcoverings that emphasizes a contemporary aesthetic.

Abstract Playful Donuts Wallpaper 2001057

First up on the list is this out-of-the-box digital print that combines a hand drawn sketched look to create quite an unusual look. What results is an eclectic image that’s on the playful side. The color palette brings a burst of color to the space, with its use of magenta, orange, teal, and blue. This digital print is for clients who want to create an energetic atmosphere within the space, and aren’t afraid to use color and creative designs. Did you also know that on our product pages, you can "edit" the area of the digital mural? In the screenshot above, you can isolate parts of the digital mural since image scale is one of the features you can customize!

Reverie Phantasm Wallpaper 2001052

On the opposite side of things, Phantasm features darker colors, not only terms of its color but its overall tone as well. The black, dark gray, and beige have a mysterious look that would work perfectly as a dramatic backdrop in areas such as the bedroom, dining room, and retail stores. Interior designers looking to create a central area of interest may want to pair this darker digital print with lighter wallpaper, such as a plain textured wallpaper. On the other hand, using dark wallpaper colors on the other walls will complement this particular digital print in creating a more unified look that plays off its darker themes.

Aerial View Urban Map of Rome Wallpaper 2001033


Perhaps one of the most iconic digital prints from the Rêver Collection is none other than Aerial View Urban Map of Rome, a stylish blend of geometric and geometry in one pattern. The minimalist color scheme, reflected in the minimalist approach to geography, makes this an excellent modern addition to any space. Filled with small details, it’s a digital print that draws the attention of people walking by. Some areas where this wallcovering works nicely include home offices (and even corporate offices as well), and restaurants/cafes.

Watercolor Painted Clouds Wallpaper 2001030

Salons and spas, living rooms, and bedrooms are just some examples where Painted Clouds would fit in. With its elegant theming and gray/beige color scheme, this digital print uses a watercolor aesthetic to create an artistic look that is sure to be a hit with clients. The light color scheme is best suited for communal areas where interior designers want to create a more open, welcoming atmosphere.

Seagrass Wallpaper 2001044

Next up in the Rêver Collection is Seagrass, an absolutely gorgeous abstract digital print that adds a dynamic sense of movement to the space. The large sweeping colors provide a tranquil aesthetic as a stylized version of the ocean waves. With its stunning color palette, the dark teal and gray is a nice contrast to the lighter areas of white and beige. The curving waves and watercolor imagery style is a must-have for spaces such as retail, restaurants, and bedrooms.

Trabecula Wallpaper 2001050


A stylized take on a topographic map, Trabecula is similar to the Aerial Map of Rome in that it’s a geographically-themed digital print that emphasizes linear design and a minimalist approach to color. Instead of white, this one uses subtle gold lines that are perfectly offset by the black background. What results is an abstract pattern that has an organic look thanks to its curving designs. As this digital print exemplifies, the Rêver Collection is full of contemporary designs that are not only stylish, but its on-trend looks are versatile as well!

Sunny Afternoon Painted Clouds Wallpaper 2001023


Last but not least, a picturesque day is brought to life through this creative digital print. With a painted style, the vibrant sky is rendered in a gradient effect ranging from a deeper shade to a lighter tone at the bottom. The shadow effect on the clouds add a sense of depth that and character to the shapes. With its optimistic, open appeal, this digital print would work in spaces such as a lobby/reception area, or a playroom or kid’s room.

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