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1. Prime Walls: Your 1 Stop Shop For All Things Designer Wallpaper

Posted on October 31 2017

1. Prime Walls: Your 1 Stop Shop For All Things Designer Wallpaper

Faux brick wallpaper perfect for a modern, yet cozy café; a luxurious linen damask wallpaper for a client’s living room; a playful and colorful geometric digital print for a feature wall in a school: wallpaper truly offers a world of options.

Welcome to the Prime Walls blog, a place where we share our inspiration and passion for wallpaper with interior designers and decorators alike. Whether your client is an individual homeowner or a business, we’re here to assist you with whatever project you’re undertaking. In this article, let’s take a closer look at what Prime Walls offers.

Wallpapers for Designers


Watercolor Field of Bamboo (Collection: Senzai NH10501)


Starting off, Prime Walls offers an extensive selection of wallpaper for designers. Our focus is on providing intriguing designs that are not only timeless and long lasting, but also hit the mark in terms of seasonal and annual trends. For 2017, watercolor wallpaper has proven to be a huge hit, both in residential and commercial markets. The swirling colors and gentle brushstrokes are eye-catching, giving any space a relaxed, natural appearance.


Abstract Silkscreen Forest (Collection: Senzai NH10802)


Wallpaper for designers is not just about timely trends, but ones that create memories, inspire creativity, spark conversation, and unify interior spaces. If a client is looking for a vintage aesthetic, retro wallpaper offers that special hint of nostalgia, whereas traditional classic wallpaper conveys a sophisticated, elegant appeal. Professional designers have a variety of options at Prime Walls, whether you’re searching for wallpaper by style or theme.

If your client has provided you with a more specific vision for their space, our wallpaper database has also been organized in such a way as to help you find exactly what you need – quickly and efficiently. Searching by wallpaper color or wallpaper materials is an excellent way to narrow down your options.



Wallpaper materials


Let’s talk about designer wallpaper for designers! Other options for searching for wallpaper includes browsing through our various wallpaper collections. Each one is a curated collection that features similar wallpaper designs in terms of color and theming. One of our favorites is Yala, a recent collection that features natural designs and soft, pastel colors. From timeless marble patterns to stunning geometrics, Yala is a collection that emphasizes organic appeal, creating a contemporary atmosphere.



Traditional Marble (Collection: Yala YAD19550) 


For professional interior designers, we also offer wallpaper books for selected collections. These books contain samples of all wallpapers in the collection, allowing you the chance to show clients a “real” look at the wallpaper. The compact wallpaper books are perfect for having in any design firm.

Last but not least, one of the most exciting offerings at Prime Walls is designer wallpaper. From Nina Hancock’s wallpaper emphasizing natural themes and vivid colors, to Marcel Wander’s ultra contemporary aesthetic, we invite interior designers to explore these creative patterns that come from some of today’s most innovate minds.

Contract Wallcoverings for Designers

Is your next client a business or commercial project? At Prime Walls, we pay the same amount of attention to contract wallcoverings for designers as well, making sure that the products we source are not only visually pleasing, but stands up to the wear and tear of daily life. High traffic hallways and foyers, trendy clothing retail stores, restaurants that require wallpapers with specific regulations – there isn’t anything we haven’t thought of. If you’re looking for something specific, consider searching through our catalog by selecting Wallcovering Applications to see a more selective list of wallcoverings. Corporate, hospitality, healthcare, retail, education – each commercial project you take will require a different set of eyes and we’re here to help you visualize exactly what you need.


Wallcoverings by application

As with wallpaper for designers, our contract wallcoverings also allows designers to search by color, themes, and materials.

Digital Wallcoverings for Designers

Wallpaper murals, or digital prints, are truly a step up in terms of customization and interior design. Digital wallcoverings for designers is a way to achieve amazing spaces that are not only artistically pleasing but creates an emotional impact as well. Most often used as a feature wall, these digital wallcoverings have that “wow” factor that ever client loves. What makes digital wallcoverings stand out is their attention to detail with their photorealistic designs.

Prime Walls also allows you to create custom digital wallcoverings for your client. We currently offer three distinct ways to create your very own digital print.

First, you can customize an existing Prime Walls image from our digital print database. Change how the image repeats, the scale of the design, the colors, and even add an inspirational quote!


Blue motion (custom murals 55006)


The second way designers can create digital wallcoverings at Prime Walls is to customize an image you own the intellectual property for. After uploading your content, you’ll work closely with our experienced design team to create a completely customized wallpaper mural.

The third and final way to customize a digital print is through sourcing images and custom artwork creation. You provide us with your vision – what you and your client have in mind for the space. Send us a small selection of images that convey what you’re looking for and we’ll source an image for you from our digital archives.


Dry Erase Wallcoverings for Designers

The last category Prime Walls offers is dry erase wallcoverings for designers. These are a special type of wallcoverings that convert walls into writing/drawing surfaces, and are the perfect choice for offices, schools and educational centers, and even home workspaces. Whether your client needs to jot down some notes, is preparing lessons for their class, or needs a place to be creative, dry erase wallcoverings are versatile, flexible, and practical.

There are four different types of dry erase wallcoverings: walls IQ paint, walls IQ high gloss, walls IQ low gloss, and walls IQ magnetic.



Dry erase wallcoverings


Walls IQ paint, or dry erase clear paint, converts pre-existing walls into functional, interactive surfaces, which means less installation required. A high gloss finish offers a stylish modern touch while maintaining all of the practical benefits of dry erase. A low gloss surface is best for projection devices in order to avoid glare. Lastly, a dry erase wallcovering with a magnetic surface adds even more functionality.


The Prime Walls Advantage

Whether you’re an interior designer from New York searching for floral wallpaper for your client’s loft, a Los Angeles design firm aiming to fully recreate a restaurant’s vision of their space, or a Toronto designer working with a small retail store to create a sense of originality, Prime Walls offers both a unique local and international advantage.

With both our US/international and Canadian sites, creating a trade account offers professional designers a wealth of benefits. The ability to have the first look at new wallpaper launches gives you a design advantage, regardless of where you’re located. You can also view pricing that has been specifically curated for your business, and get real time stock and order status information in order to better serve your client and project needs.


Explore Designer Wallpaper Today!

From the latest trends to classic favorites, our collection of wallpaper offers stunning designs at price points that suit any project specification. Come explore our catalogue today and get inspired!


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