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10. On-Trend Photorealistic Digital Murals

Posted on December 08 2017

10. On-Trend Photorealistic Digital Murals

One of the biggest advantages of digital murals (or wallpaper murals) is the high-quality printing process that results in photorealistic, detailed imagery. Since digital murals spread the main image across the entire wall (and are generally not as repetitive as regular wallpaper), the design is printed on numerous panels and is then assembled on the wall. In this article, we take a look at digital prints that showcase photorealistic or “real life” images, perfect for any residential or commercial space. What’s also interesting is the wide range of customization options that are available. When you’re browsing through our 5 categories, keep in mind how you can customize the image for your next interior design project!

Floral Digital Prints


Solstice 2001017 - Soft Peonies


Floral digital prints are among one of the most popular categories for a multitude of reasons. First, adding a nature-inspired wallcovering to any room makes it feel more relaxed and inviting. This is particularly important when setting the tone for spaces such as lobbies, living rooms, and so on. In other words, communal areas where many people will be passing through. Using a floral print that’s mostly white allows for a higher degree of versatility and flexibility. This means fewer issues when trying to incorporate a digital wallpaper mural into an existing space. It’s also easier for those who want to pair a digital print (on a feature wall) with wallpapers on the other walls.


Custom Murals ROSE-100 - White Rose


These two examples have an elegant look that adds a sophisticated feel to the space. To create a more unified look throughout the room, try pairing these digital prints up with damask, floral, or texture designs. Since the main feature wall will consist mostly of white, your additional walls can be white or another color. It all depends on your project parameters, the current furniture and décor in the room, and the type of mood you want to achieve for the space.


Digital Murals Featuring Objects

Custom Murals DIN-100B - Dinosaurs


Because this type of wallcovering often have detailed imagery, digital murals featuring objects can be an interesting choice. For example, this wallpaper mural showcases a collection of dinosaur bones in a neutral taupe/grey color palette for that added “historical,” archaeological feel. While this print has an older, authentic look, we think it would be a great fit for spaces that are quirky or casual, such as a cozy café or unique retail store.


City Love CL61A - Delhi Taxi Wallpaper


While the iconic image of a yellow taxi is something you would expect in NYC, for this digital print we’re going across the world to Delhi instead! While you can get this wallpaper mural in black and white, we think mixing it up and going for a bit of color makes the image stand out even more. The stylish yellow is certainly eye-catching and against the black and white background, it pops off even more.


Urban and Architectural Digital Murals


City Love CL92A - Alexandria Castle Wallpaper


While the majority of urban digital prints overlook cityscapes from a bird’s eye view, this example of Alexandria Castle does just the opposite – this time, we’re taking a worm’s eye view and looking at the magnificent castle from the ground up. This gives the building a sense of grandeur and scale, which works quite well as a feature wall. The side view of the castle and how it’s framed also makes the digital print look more dynamic.


City Love CL89B - Yokohama


While this digital print, Yokohama, is available in full color, the black and white version gives it a vintage appeal that’s been so trendy with interior designers. It has a classy touch and given its limited color palette, can be easily integrated into any existing space. The image itself is filled with small details, such as the paper lanterns in the foreground and the different signs on the street.


Digital Murals featuring Signs


City Love CL29A - London Underground Wallpaper


Street signs, no matter how simple, can transport viewers to a different location and make them feel like they’re somewhere else. For example, this iconic sign for the London underground, with its bold red and blue color scheme, is an instantly recognizable sign even though it’s a simple design that only features basic geometric shapes and colors. For those who have been to the city of London or have seen it portrayed in the media, this minimalist sign is sure to remind you of another place.


City Love CL28A - Welcome to Las Vegas Wallpaper


On the other hand, if you’re looking for a digital mural with more pizazz and flair, this “Welcome to Las Vegas” mural does the trick. The vibrant colors have an almost pastel look to them, creating a soft aesthetic that not only brightens up the space but adds warmth as well. It’s also a neat contrast between nature and urban imagery, with the palm trees framing the sign in the very middle.


Faux Effect Digital Murals


Windmill Avenue 6332039 - Find Joy Wallpaper


Wood wallpaper murals, like their traditional wallpaper counterpart, are one of the most popular and with good reason. The cozy, rustic nature of wood designs can instantly transform the space. With Find Joy, this wood digital mural features a bright red heart. It’s an added visual element that makes it stand out from standard wood prints.


Windmill Avenue 6332036 - How Blessed You Are Wallpaper


Faux effect wallpapers and digital prints have been a trendy selection for interior designers for a while now, and it doesn’t appear this style is losing steam anytime soon. As one of the most recognizable “photorealistic” style of wallpaper, faux effects such as wood, brick, and concrete have proven to be popular with for homeowners and in commercial applications alike. What’s better than a faux effect digital mural? One that showcases two popular styles in one design. While this example mostly features wood, a section has been “broken” off to reveal a brick layer below it. It’s a creative take and an excellent way to get two stylish patterns in one.


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