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11. Top 4 Textured Wallpaper Styles That Are On-Trend

Posted on December 12 2017

11. Top 4 Textured Wallpaper Styles That Are On-Trend

Textured wallpaper is a category that is often all encompassing, including many other wallpaper styles as well. Using “textures” or textural-based patterns as wall décor can allow for more flexibility in an interior design project, as you are not limited to a specific wallpaper category, such as floral or geometric. The term “textures” can mean different things, but for the purpose of this article and in relation to the wallpapers we’ll be featuring, textured wallpaper refers to two attributes:

  • The wallpaper’s finish (i.e. the surface or tactile area). How does the wallpaper actually feel when you touch it? Textured wallpapers may featured a raised surface, a rough surface, a velvety surface, etc. This contrasts to other wallpaper that may have a flat, smooth surface.
  • The wallpaper’s patter (i.e. the image is considered “textured”). Texture wallpaper designs focus more on color and design to create the illusion of texture.

In this article, we take a look at the top four textured wallpaper styles that are trending.


Grasscloth Wallpaper


Grasscloth GPW32-501 - Pina


Grasscloth wallpaper has always been a staple for designers when searching for wallpaper with a textured surface. Made from natural materials such as arrowroot and jute, grasscloth is not only an interesting visual and tactile alternative because of its rougher surface, but it’s an environmentally friendly choice as well. For a classic look, neutral colors such as off-white or beige grasscloth wallpaper allows a room to feel brighter and more airy.


Grasscloth GPW-NYPZ-08 - Raffia


However, grasscloth wallpaper also includes a lot of variety, not only in terms of design but color. With a more vertical orientation, Raffia creates the illusion of height when used on a wall, making it suitable for smaller spaces. Whereas the previous grasscloth example had a slightly rough surface (similar to hemp fibers), this example has a smoother finish and has a texture that feels like paper. As with any grasscloth wallpaper, appropriate usage depends on the area that is being decorated. Grasscloth wallpaper, as with any other wallpapers that use more fragile materials (e.g. glass beads, linen, etc.), work best in areas with lower traffic or spaces where water spillage isn’t an issue.


Mica Wallpaper


Mica GPW-MH-002 - Carve


Staying with the notion of eco-friendly wallpaper, mica wallpaper is another choice that is highly reliant on tactile-based textures. Featuring a dense layer of mica stones, we can hardly think of another wallpaper material that’s more textured than this! Each individual mica chip is different and some feature a subtle reflective surface that reflects the light. This glamorous look is only enhanced by the richness of the colors the stones come in. Above, we have a neutral beige color similar to our first grasscloth selection. This should give you an idea of how different materials and textures can impact color.


Allure 213613 - Crushed Mica


For a textured but not so tactile look, this mica wallpaper features a slightly smoother surface. Whereas the previous example can be likened to a gravel walkway, this one is more similar to concrete. Featured in a rich, warm brown color, Crushed Mica retains the luminosity of mica materials. It’s a different take on traditional mica wallpaper, and one that we think adds a subtle elegance to the space.


Abstract Wallpaper


Titanium RM40404 - Feathered Brushstrokes


From tactile textures to visual textures, some abstract wallpaper patterns fit into the “textured wallpaper” category thanks to its design. Visual textures often focus on shapes and nonfigurative imagery rather than a specific or identifiable picture (e.g. a flower, bricks, etc). Color usage is also important with both abstract and (visual) textured wallpapers and it can be used to create a sense of depth. With our first pick for abstract wallpaper, the “brushstrokes” featured on the pattern conveys a sense of dynamic movement with a more handcrafted approach.


Trendspot 897005 - Graze


For a modern, eccentric look that speaks to the originality and individuality of the space that’s being decorated, Graze is an excellent abstract wallpaper to consider. The visual texture part of this example is demonstrated in its minimalist design, with sparse smoky wisps that trail vertically. The darker grey and taupe colors against the lighter background adds a sense of depth the pattern.


Faux Effect Wallpaper


Precious Elements NH30108 - Floral Stucco


One of the newer styles to join the faux effect wallpaper category is plaster. Photorealistic imagery can have a huge impact on the “textured” look and feel of wallpaper. Featuring a subtle, faded floral image in the background, the foreground contains a plaster effect that adds a sense of depth thanks to the subtle drop shadow effect. The highly textured look not only comes from its 3D effect, but from the small “cracks” running along the design that also mimics real materials.



In general, faux effect wallpaper patterns have a (visual) textured look, from coarse brick to smoother concrete. For our last pick, we’re going with wood faux effect wallpaper that has a dynamic, creative appeal. Unlike other wood patterns that feature larger strips of wood, this one has a patchy look that looks uneven and hand crafted. The weathered, rustic nature makes it eye-catching.


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