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17. The Latest Abstract Wallpaper and Digital Mural Trends

Posted on January 30 2018

One of the most popular digital mural and wallpaper trends is the blend between abstract styles and other categories. In this article, we’re going to take a look at two specific styles: abstract watercolor and abstract geometric. Both offer a unique twist on the "original" wallpaper and digital mural categories. Let’s take a look!

Abstract Watercolor Wallpapers and Digital Murals

Abstract watercolor wallpapers and digital murals takes watercolor aesthetics and blends it with abstract design motifs. Many abstract patterns focus primarily on the use of color and how they interact with each other. While abstract designs typically don’t feature specific imagery, watercolor aesthetics emphasize brushstrokes that have a slightly faded appearance.

Jewelled Watercolor


One of our favourite upcoming digital murals is Jewelled Watercolor, which features a stunning array of deep colors swirling across the surface. From dark teals to smoky grays, the essence of abstract watercolor is exemplified here. The different patches work together in a way that creates an abstract landscape of color, while displaying watercolor motifs as well. The different water "stains" and curved lines give the pattern an aquatic feel, making it appear like an abstract painting.

Painted Waterstain


From a fluid abstract digital mural to one that features more blotted watercolor aesthetics, Painted Waterstain trades the colorful palette of the previous example for a more diluted, subtle touch. Perfect for adding just a hint of color to the space, this digital mural uses a blend of shapes and watercolor aesthetics to create the appearance of water blots across the surface. This contemporary digital mural is a minimalist take on abstract watercolor styles.

Abstract Paintstrokes - Precious Elements NH30605 


For an even simpler, monochromatic look, Abstract Paintstrokes is available in several colors but our top pick is this beige/grey option. Whether you’re using it throughout the room or as a compliment to an existing feature wall, the textured look of the design is one that’s proving to be very popular across commercial and residential projects alike. The variation of dark and light colors creates a sense of depth that adds dimension to the walls.

Marbled Watercolors - Yala 19582


Similar in design to the previous example, Marbled Watercolors features a painted look with a more abstract take. However, it uses a much wider "brush stroke" and exchanges a condensed, tightly packed painted look for a more sweeping, watery effect. Whereas the Abstract Paintstrokes wallpaper had a traditional, almost classic appeal, this white and grey wallpaper has a more modern take on abstract watercolors. It utilizes a technique not unlike sponge painting with its wider shapes and faded effects.

Subtle Painted Lines - Yala 19524


Easy-to-use pastel colors like soft pink create a relaxed atmosphere, whether it’s used in a living room or a high-traffic commercial lobby. With Subtle Painted Lines from the Yala collection, the vertical movement of the paint strokes creates an abstract look that accentuates the height of the walls, perfect for creating the illusion of a larger space. This example has an equal blend of abstract design motifs with its non-distinct pattern combined with watercolor aesthetics that highlight a painterly look.

Abstract Geometric Wallpapers and Digital Murals

Moving from abstract watercolor, which generally has a traditional/classic or handcrafted appeal, abstract geometric is typically more modern, emphasizing contemporary designs. Geometric wallpapers and digital murals designed with an abstract aesthetic results in creative, original imagery.

Faded Geometric Gradient - Vanilla Lime 014150


Faded Geometric Gradient combines an eye-catching trellis pattern with abstract colors that "fade" into the top half of the digital mural. While geometric wallpapers and digital murals are known for having crisp, modern imagery, the abstract style adds a blending effect that transforms the trellis design into something more mystical and intriguing. The blue gradient adds a sense of relaxation and mysteriousness to the design, creating an element that blends both categories – abstract and geometric – into one unique look.

Abstract Geometric Paint Stroke Wallpaper 2001040


For a geometric digital mural that doesn’t rely on symmetry, Abstract Geometric Paint Stroke is a great example of taking an established wallpaper theme and adding design motifs from another. The Abstract background features a large-scale white brush pattern that adds a sense of movement to the piece. Combine that with the groups of circular shapes and you end up with a digital mural that is bursting with energy.

Sliced Circles - Titanium RM40708


While the majority of geometric prints have a symmetrical design, Sliced Circles features a more random, abstract pattern. Organized into tiles, the off-center, curvy circle shapes offer a nice visual contrast to the rigid square tiles. This creates a unique look that flawlessly combines geometric and abstract design motifs into one wallpaper.


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