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19. Bold Kaleidoscopic Wallpapers That Will Transform Your Living Room

Posted on February 06 2018

Creating a bold, vibrant look in the living room is one way to energize a communal space that is shared by multiple people. In this article, we’ll be focusing on wallpapers inspired by kaleidoscopic aesthetics. These are designs that have a symmetrical or repeating pattern that is often mirrored multiple times in various angles. What makes kaleidoscopic wallpapers so intriguing is how much detail is often packed into the design. It creates a visual feast for the eyes that is sure to be the center of attention. For your next design project, consider turning to extraordinary kaleidoscopic wallpapers that make an impact through color and pattern.

Eclects - ECLECTS006


For an unconventional look, Eclects takes kaleidoscopic aesthetics and merges its with real world materials (this will actually be a running theme for our next few picks). Featuring an iron fence that is brimming with floral accents and details, this design opts for photographic realism rather than an abstract style. The three-dimensional look of the curves and border creates a feeling of depth on the walls. Whereas many kaleidoscopic-themed wallpaper emphasize bold colors as well, the color palette for this wallpaper is more subtle, emphasizing neutral colors. This is perfect for clients who want the mirrored look of a kaleidoscopic print but with colors that are easier to incorporate.

Florals - FLORALS001


Sticking with kaleidoscopic wallpaper that feature real life imagery, Florals features pink flowers with branches to create a nature-inspired design. While not too over the top like traditional kaleidoscopic designs, the deep pink colors are still bold, creating a sense of richness and warmth that will liven up any space. When used as a living room wallpaper, consider using Florals as a feature wall since the pattern is quite dense and busy. A plain or texture wallpaper would be excellent complimentary designs.

Naturals - NATURALSS005

Green living room wallpaper can often create a sense of relaxation. Our next pick for kaleidoscopic wallpaper is Naturals, featuring a simpler color scheme that focuses on fresh green tones that add a sense of nature to the living room. This wallpaper is perfect for those who want to maintain or create a simpler color scheme throughout the living room, rather than the loud, bold colors found on traditional kaleidoscopic wallpapers. This leafy pattern blends realistic imagery with an abstract repeating pattern to create an interesting, out-of-the-box look.

Metals - METALS004

Whereas most kaleidoscopic patterns feature a circular style, Metals is more horizontal. However, it still uses kaleidoscopic aesthetics with its repeating design that focuses on a bold look. Whereas previous examples have a more relaxed tone, this one is more contemporary and uses its color palette to elevate the space with its high-end look. The sophisticated appeal of this kaleidoscopic wallpaper also comes from the imagery. With the thin weaving lines, it portrays a sense of rawness often associated with unfinished metal materials.

Lines - LINES006


In contrast to the previous wallpaper, Lines features a more structured look. When used as living room wallpaper, this geometric-inspired design adds a vintage flair, which is bolstered by its faded retro brown and blue color scheme. While kaleidoscopic patterns tend to have a lot of small details that make up its repeating shapes, this one is more minimalistic, using thick, clean lines instead.

Lumens - LUMINS0002


The next few examples of living room wallpaper will feature more abstract imagery. These tend to emphasize small details that work in tandem to create a visually complex design. With Lumens, we see more emphasis on incorporating kaleidoscopic aesthetics that were absent in the previous example. For example, the larger repeating shapes are connected to each other through different lines that feature a lot of detail on their own. While the color palette is noticeably softer than traditional kaleidoscope patterns that tend to use multiple colors, the deep pink background is still intense and dramatic.

Tie Dye Kaleidoscope - Senzai NH10707

Blending tie dye and kaleidoscopic styles together creates a more muted visual effect that works nicely in any living room. For projects where a “full” kaleidoscopic pattern might be too busy or loud for the living room space, a subtler design is an excellent compromise. This wallpaper uses the traditional kaleidoscopic design in the background, fading it so that it’s not immediately apparent. What results is a minimalist approach that maintains a high degree of artistic elegance without forsaking the core aesthetic principles of kaleidoscopic imagery.

Jeweled Kaleidoscope - Neo Royal 218648

While the color scheme is simplistic and features different shades of blue, the amount of details on Jeweled Kaleidoscope is absolutely stunning. From circular, floral-inspired shapes to straight, geometric-like symbols, the complexity of the interweaving shapes creates an unforgettable wallpaper pattern. The denseness of the pattern is offset with the lighter areas, balancing a design that could otherwise be overpowering, especially in smaller spaces.


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