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20. Featured Wallpaper Collection: Titanium

Posted on February 08 2018

One of Prime Wall’s newest wallpaper collections is now live! Titanium mixes artistic, abstract designs with rich colors to create an eclectic yet versatile group of wallpaper patterns. From weathered stripes and aged damask to modern geometric prints, the Titanium wallpaper collection is about being bold and experimenting with different imagery. For interior designers, we also offer a Titanium collection book which includes large samples of every single pattern in all colorways. It’s an excellent way to showcase the actual wallpaper to clients since they’ll get the true look and feel of the product. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favorites from the Titanium collection!

Feathered Brushstrokes - Titanium RM40406


A trending style for interiors is watercolor wallpaper. Titanium’s contribution to this popular wallpaper category includes Feathered Brushstokes, which has a hand crafted look. Available in many colors, we love the color combination of blue, grey, and taupe. The deep, bold colors give each brushstroke a strength that makes it “pop” off the walls.

The rustic aesthetic – an extremely popular design trend in both residential and commercial projects - is one that can be found across the many of Titanium wallpaper designs. Pictured above are two such examples – Weathered Stripes and Weathered Leather. With the striped wallpaper, we see a more modern take that uses the traditional striped design but adds a more stylish flair. The simplicity of the striped design is combined with a weathered aesthetic, one that makes the wallpaper more transformative and visually interesting. The same can be said for Weathered Leather. Taking more visual cues from faux finish wallpaper, the leather print has an aged look that gives it an edgier, lived-in appeal.

The Titanium wallpaper collection also innovates upon geometric wallpaper styles. For example, Dual Tribal Print repeats the same geometric pattern – diamonds – but in different ways multiple times. From large, spread out diamonds to darker, more compact diamonds, this wallpaper plays with color and scale to create an intriguing, detailed look. Likewise, Stylized Grid is also innovating on the traditional geometric look. Rather than presenting a normal, straight grid with perfect lines and symmetry, this wallpaper is inspired by a more abstract touch, with lines haphazardly placed in a way that makes it look hand-drawn.

3D Geometric Field - Titanium RM40602


Even with a more “traditional” geometric print, such as 3D Geometric Field, there’s still a twist with the design that results in a genuinely interesting pattern. The highly dynamic look is thanks to the position of the squares and the “angle” that it’s presented to viewers. This creates a sense of depth on the walls, giving it a unique dynamic characteristic.

Weathered Wooden Planks - Titanium RM41106


Last but not least, faux effect wallpapers, such as wood, are also featured in the Titanium collection. With Weathered Wooden Planks, it’s a more abstract take and one that makes it stand out from traditional wood designs. The different wooden planks of various lengths and sizes are arranged in both horizontal and vertical positions, giving the wallpaper a patched look.

Throughout the entire Titanium collection, what we see is a thirst to innovate on current popular designs, whether it’s watercolor, geometric, or faux finish. The deep colors, a common theme across many of the collection’s wallpapers, creates a sense of sophistication and luxury. Don’t forget to check out the Titanium collection today!


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