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3. 2017 Fall Wallpaper Trends

Posted on November 14 2017

3. 2017 Fall Wallpaper Trends

A New Look For The Fall Season!

The fall season is often an excellent time to look into popular and upcoming wallpaper trends for your clients. With homeowners looking to revitalize their space with a fresh, new look, being knowledgeable about current trends will give you and your designs an edge over your competition. In this article, let’s take a look at some popular wallpaper trends as well as some upcoming wallpaper trends we think we’ll see more or in future seasons!


Popular Wallpaper Trend: Grunge Aesthetics

Titanium RM41210 - Weathered Large Damask


With the popularity of concrete wallpaper and murals, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more wallpaper patterns that feature a grunge aesthetic. With a weathered, rustic appeal, grunge styles typically feature a rougher, more alternative look that is all about creating an eye-catching, creative space. Grunge aesthetics often offers a more textural, visceral appearance that makes use of randomness.


Titanium RM40806 - Imprinted Plaster


Take a look at the golden Imprinted Plaster wallpaper above, which features a small-scale geometric pattern. The grunge background plays off the structured look exceedingly well, creating a unique visual with the contrast against the structured/repetitive squares. What the addition of a grunge aesthetic does is that it “dresses down” the wallpaper, changing it from a “clean-cut” contemporary design to one that has more character and visual appeal.

Grunge aesthetics is used in combination with other wallpaper types, such as geometric and damask. In the case of damask, which is generally a more classical or traditional pattern, the grunge style gives it a modern edge, adding additional visual details that breathe life into the wallpaper.


Upcoming Wallpaper Trend: Textures and Abstract Minimalism

 Precious Elements NH30601- Abstract Paintstrokes

While earlier in the year we saw a proliferation of wallpaper designs that made use of large-scale imagery, one of the next big trends is a return to smaller-scale designs that focus on color usage instead of images. Wallpaper featuring textures or abstract designs have always been around, but they’ve often played second fiddle and were used to compliment an existing feature wall. This season, we’re predicting the spotlight will be shifted and textural designs will finally receive the praise it deserves!

Take the green and copper Abstract Paintstrokes wallpaper as an example. This wallpaper emphasizes emotion through color, rather than any specific imagery. Nautical Rope (below) on the other hand is an example of minimalist color usage to create a more subtle effect. The tightly packed “rope” design portrays a more textural appeal than large-scale images. Ultimate, the popularity of this wallpaper trend is that designers will be able to find patterns that are more versatile and flexible in its usage.


Designed For Living 17657 - Nautical Rope


Popular Wallpaper Trend: Watercolor Is Still Supreme


 Senzai NH10507 - Watercolor Field Of Bamboo


If there’s a wallpaper trend that has been going strong since the start of 2017, it has to be watercolor wallpaper. This gorgeous wallpaper style has been a favorite among designers and homeowners alike, thanks to its soft appearance, vibrant colors, and artistic look. Watercolor aesthetics are mostly used in conjunction with nature-themed imagery, such as the beige and grey Water Color Field of Bamboo wallpaper above.


Designed For Living 17670 - Tropical Leaves 

Watercolor wallpaper is a trend we see staying popular into next season as well. The biggest impact from using watercolor designs is how truly transformative the wallpapers are. Take a look at how a simple green and white palette changes the dynamic of the room above. Watercolor aesthetics ensure that the imagery isn’t bland, but features blending colors of different shades to create an energetic look.


Upcoming Wallpaper Trend: More Research Into Different Wallpaper Materials


Deva 80892 - Khilani

Vinyl and non-woven are among the most popular and purchased types of wallpaper materials and for good reason. They’re sturdy and easy to clean. However, we foresee a shift to other wallpaper materials that each offer their own unique benefits. As more homes and retail spaces look to create unique atmospheres, designers should consider discussing wallpaper materials with their clients in order to evaluate their needs.

Glass bead wallpapers are all about creating a sophisticated, glamorous look. One of the major benefits of using a glass bead wallpaper, such as Khilani above, is that the walls will have a tactile appearance that adds a lot of character to the space. In addition, some glass bead wallpapers subtly reflect light, giving the surface a shimmering look. However, one of the things to keep in mind is that glass bead wallpapers are harder to maintain and are more fragile. It’s best used in low traffic areas or walls farther away from occupants, such as a clothing retailer or bedroom, rather than a small hallway or cafeteria.


Grasscloth GPW-B-16 - Kapok

Wallpapers using natural materials are an eco-friendly way to spruce up the space while keeping the environment in mind. Grasscloth wallpaper, such as the one pictured above, feature materials such as arrowroot, jute, and other natural threads. While natural wallpaper typically doesn’t feature imagery of any kind, it does have a highly textured surface that adds a tactile element to the walls.


Popular Wallpaper Trend: Customization For Clients


Custom Murals 55008 - Tribute

Digital murals open up another world of possibility for both designers and clients alike. Not only are they rich in detail, featuring photorealistic imagery, customization options allows for a variety of tailoring. Editing the colors, scaling the image, and adding quotes: This means digital murals have a different advantage over wallpaper.


Solstice 2001021 - Color Of Flight

Digital murals can be used as a feature wall or, less commonly, throughout the space on all walls. Either way, one of the best things about using a digital mural and customizing it is that clients (whether individual homeowners or businesses) and designers will both have a direct impact on the finished product. Digital murals aren’t printed until the final design is green lit.

The two digital murals above showcase how they can be used to liven up the room and set a specific tone. With the Tribute mural, the geometric shapes are combined with floral motifs to create a highly contemporary look with a classical touch. The grey color palette is an extension of the room’s preexisting furniture, which creates a unified modern appeal. On the other hand, Color of Flight uses vibrant colors to make itself the center of attention. The bright blue feathers contain photorealistic details that make it look like the real thing.


2017 Fall Wallpaper Trends – The present and future of design!

As you can see from the list above, fall wallpaper trends boast an eclectic yet visually appealing group of styles. From rustic grunge aesthetics to focusing on wallpaper materials, designers today have endless choices to inspire their next project!


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