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21. Valentine’s Day Wallpaper: Emphasizing White, Red, and Pink Colors

Posted on February 13 2018

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, today’s article is all about using specific wallpaper colors to create a holiday theme within a given interior space. However, since Valentine’s Day is only once a year, it’s important for designers to think beyond the holiday and to focus on other aspects of the wallpaper as well, such as the timeless nature of the design, the versatility of the pattern, and how the color palette of the room can be unified. Essentially, what are some trending wallpaper patterns that can also double as Valentine’s Day wallpaper? In this article, we’ll take a look at elegant pink floral wallpaper, contemporary red geometric wallpaper, and white faux effect wallpaper.

Floral wallpaper typically has a sophisticated appeal with its timeless, traditional design, making it the perfect choice for pink Valentine’s Day wallpaper. Floral patterns, such as Pleasant, definitely fall into this category as it has a classic aesthetic that focuses on displaying delicate, elegant visuals. The pink colors stand out against the white background, while the soft pastel colors create a sense of relaxation and retrospection.

Floral Façade - Senzai NH11103


On the other hand, Fame is an example of modern floral wallpaper that uses minimalism as a style to differentiate itself from other floral imagery. The simplistic color scheme stands in stark contrast to typical floral wallpapers today. Lastly, Floral Façade utilizes a strong watercolor aesthetic to create a gorgeous, hand-painted look that combines strong pink colors with oranges and greens, great for projects where color variety is needed.

Next up, perhaps the most iconic Valentine’s Day color is red. When used in a space, it can truly transform the room, giving it a bold, dramatic, and romantic mood. Pinch is an example of geometric wallpaper that uses a more compact design, giving it a visual denseness that adds character and complexity. In stark contrast, Orbit features large-scale curvy imagery that are spread out, giving the design a sense of space and expansiveness.

Atri - Deva 62397


The last red geometric wallpaper we think would be perfect as Valentine’s Day wallpaper is Atri, a highly contemporary design that’s unique and eye-catching. With the overlapping red and gold lines, the 3D effect of the design adds a sense of depth to the walls, creating an interesting visual effect.

Last but not least, white Valentine’s Day wallpaper is the most flexible of the three since it can be easily incorporated into any color palettes. White marble wallpaper, a major trend within the faux effect wallpaper category, has a classy, high-end look. Curving Marble combines the intricate marble design with a geometric overlay to create an aesthetic that is both classic and modern. On the other hand, Rustic Barn features white weathered wood in a wallpaper that aims to mimic the “real” material.

Weathered Plaster - Precious Elements NH30710


Finally, Weathered Plaster is one of the more niche faux effect patterns, but one that we’re seeing in increasing numbers. Similar to the wood wallpaper above, this one has an aged, lived-in look that adds a sense of age and cosiness to the space.

Valentine’s Day wallpaper isn’t necessarily about the particular wallpaper pattern (though floral wallpaper does fit the aesthetic of the holiday), but also about the wallpaper color. Using general color themes for a holiday allows designers to get more creative when decorating a space, especially since clients themselves are able to be more flexible with their own décor.


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