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22. Unconventional Brick Wallpaper and Digital Murals

Posted on February 15 2018

Faux effect wallpaper and digital murals are among the most popular styles for both residential and commercial design projects. The high-quality, photorealistic look absolutely changes the atmosphere, whether you’re designing a master bedroom or an upscale restaurant. Its extraordinary look blends a contemporary appeal with “real life” materials, such as concrete, wood, and marble.

Chief among the materials often represented on faux effect wallpapers and digital prints is brick. Many wallpaper designers have adopted this look, each adding their own unique flair to the pattern. In this article, we’re taking a look at unconventional brick wallpaper and brick digital murals that truly makes an impact.

Custom Murals Graffiti Wallpaper GRA-100


With this playful design, the brick wall has been completely covered with a vibrant graffiti design. The bright pinks, greens, and blues set a contemporary tone with its loud, stylish approach to color usage. Combining the graffiti and the brick background creates a strong, urban resonance.

Distressed Peeling Brick Wall Wallpaper 2001032

Using brick digital murals to create a feature wall can often create a sense of modernity within the space. With our first pick, this Distressed Peeling Brick Wall digital mural takes the iconic red brick design and blends it with another equally stylish faux finish pattern – concrete. While brick patterns tend to display more color and details, concrete is generally grey and minimalistic. Combining the two creates an eye-catching contrast, perfect for use as a feature wall.

Brick Through Concrete - Vanilla Lime 014246

For something more subtle or muted, the second brick digital mural pictured above has a darker color scheme, opting to ditch the red while favoring taupe and grays instead. Of course, digital murals are easily customizable, so even the images you see can be edited based on your project parameters.

Brick - Mart Visser 48203


An example of an unconventional brick wallpaper is this one. Part of the Mart Visser wallpaper collection, this faux effect design is more abstract, rather than photorealistic. It flattens the brick shape, giving it a more geometric look. The vertical sweeps of color runs against the horizontal positioning of the brick, making the pattern look and feel more dynamic.

A sense of age and historical tradition is something that brick digital murals conveys. With Greek Blocks, you obtain a heightened element of emotion and wonder as the digital mural portrays ancient stone structures. The different brick sizes seem as if they’ve been placed there by hand. With a similar weathered look, Old Stone Wall is less about creating modern spaces and more about creating historic settings. The broken pieces and chipped surfaces all convey a sense of age and antiquity.

Brick Wall - Splendour SD3702


Last but not least, let’s move back to regular wallpaper and look at an interesting one from the Splendour wallpaper collection ( While not as overtly or visually distinct as some of the earlier examples, we think this one is still unconventional thanks to its unique “finish.” The flat, painted look is something we haven’t seen a lot of, especially since traditional brick wallpaper tends to feature a heavy 3D effect. The color choice is also a bit out-of-the-box, with most brick wallpaper designs featuring red or brown.


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