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23. Leather and Animal-themed Wallpaper

Posted on February 20 2018

Crocodile Leather - Cosmopolitan 576139


The most popular faux effect wallpapers tend to focus on concrete, brick, and wood. However, other niche subcategories, such as marble and plaster, are quickly becoming designer favorites. One such subcategory, faux leather and animal prints, is what we’ll be focusing on in this article. From crocodile leather to animal stripes, let’s take a look at some intriguing wallpaper patterns!

Faux leather wallpaper designs are quite diverse. From the dark navy blue crocodile leather print shown at the top of the page to these two examples, leather wallpaper is versatile and perfect for hard-to-design spaces. The silver wallpaper above features a stitched leather design, mixing faux effects with a more contemporary geometric print. The diamonds and color palette convey a sense of quiet elegance. On the other hand, while the Patched Leather wallpaper also utilizes a geometric pattern, this one is more rugged, focusing on a more modern appeal.

Faux leather wallpapers contain a lot of minute details that truly bring the pattern to life. For example, Embossed Leather Panels feature small “grains,” folds, shadows, and other detailing that make it look like real leather. A benefit of using faux leather wallpaper is that designers will get a rich, intricate look for their space. Some faux leather wallpapers go in a totally different direction, such as Weathered Leather. This one has a much more aged look, that still uses faux leather aesthetics.

Animal-themed wallpaper designs can often take on an abstract look that focuses on texture and colors. Both examples above feature patterns that take a close-up look at fur. The small details, use of color, and textured look gives it a natural appearance unlike any other wallpaper category. These types of animal-inspired wallpaper patterns imbue the space with a sense of coziness and warmth, similar to being in front of a toasty fireplace or in a cabin. It has a specific visual impact that conveys a lot of character to the room.

For a different animal-themed wallpaper look, some designs often utilize specific animal patterns or shapes to create an interesting appearance. For example, the black and white zebra print is not only recognizable, but its simplistic color scheme has a minimalist appeal. Digital murals often take inspiration from the animal kingdom as well. The bonus of using a digital mural is that designers can easily customize it to fit the parameters of their project. Floating Feathers is an animal-themed digital mural that showcases the high-quality printing process of murals, which results in crisp, clean imagery and vibrant colors.


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