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24. Feather-Themed Wallpaper And Digital Murals

Posted on February 22 2018

Bedroom wallpaper is about showcasing creativity and the personality of the owners. With a delicate, detailed appearance, feather-themed wallpaper and digital murals transforms the interior space with a sense of sophistication and elegance. On one hand, some patterns feature bold colors that dramatize the room, creating a sense of energy and renewal. On the other hand, other feather-themed prints have a more subdued color scheme, adding a gentle, minimalist touch that is more open and playful. In this article, we take a look at the top feather-themed wallpaper and digital murals for the bedroom.

Quattro Feather 457025


First up is a gorgeous feather design that showcases the many benefits of using a digital mural over more traditional wallpaper types. With a high-quality printing process that results in crisp images, the photorealistic nature of this pattern is on full display. The close-up of the feather has a geometric-like appearance with its sharp chevron pattern. Whereas other examples we’ll see below feature the feather shape in its entirety, this digital mural opts for a zoomed in look that creates a more abstract appearance. The more simplistic color scheme utilizes blue shades to create a more relaxed or calming look, which works perfectly as a bedroom digital mural. Keep in mind that digital murals can be easily customizable, so the scale of the image and even the color can be edited to fit the needs of your design project.

Solstice Feather Ribbon 2001013

Our next two picks are also digital murals, which works best as a feature wall in the bedroom. When covering an entire wall, the large-scale imagery becomes truly transformative. Feather Ribbon presents a much more colorful display of colors, mixing navy blue, white, beige, yellow, and orange. The more colors that are present, the more complex the digital print appears, creating a sense of heightened energy and drama within the bedroom space. Whereas the previous example had a very structured look, this one is more in line with “traditional” feather wallpaper with a “messier” arrangement.

Bohemian Chic Floating Feathers 2001034

It’s the “messy,” “random,” or “floating” arrangement of feathers that makes it stand out from other types of imagery. There is a sense of lightness and airy gentleness that is captured perfectly on digital murals and wallpapers alike. When used in a bedroom, feather digital murals, such as Bohemian Chic Floating Feathers above, work to open up the space with its plain background and more detailed foreground. In this example, the feathers are spread out rather than displayed in a denser arrangement. The prominence of the white background serves to highlight the brown feathers, creating a sense of meditation and contemplation. Because of its simpler design, this pattern can be used as both a feather wall or throughout the entire bedroom.

This next feather-themed digital mural combines a stunning display of detail with a cool color palette that is truly intense. The subtle gradations of blue are replicated on the digital mural substrate to its fullest extent. The high-quality printing captures even the smallest change or shift in color. When used as a feature wall in a bedroom, this feather digital mural adds a naturalistic yet trendy look with its bold aesthetics.

Speaking of vibrant colors and bold aesthetics, this next feather digital mural is a more abstract imagining of feathers rather than one that is photorealistic. With a painted, watercolor look, using this example as a feature wall in a bedroom would add a burst of color and life to the space. The colors are strong but not overwhelming as the light blue tones toe the line between bright neon and soft pastel. The streaks of purple and red add a visual interest that contrasts beautifully with the lighter blues.

Feathered Floral - Brockhall NH21005


The idea of “feather-themed wallpaper” doesn’t need to be limited to lifelike or actual feather images. Moving away from digital murals to more traditional style wallpaper, feather-themed designs have always been a prominent motif in the traditional or classic wallpaper category. One such example is this golden beige feather wallpaper from the Brockhall collection. Featuring a weathered, rustic look, the feathered look has a flowing aesthetic similar to a painter’s brush than an actual depiction of feathers.

Filgree - Belmont 49530


Last but not least, this feather design has a gentle color scheme, making it perfect as a relaxed bedroom wallpaper choice. The pastel blue and white palette is minimalist, putting the emphasis on the stylized feather imagery. With visual influences from other wallpaper category – namely damask and floral – this elegant feather wallpaper adds a touch of classic sophistication to the space.


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