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25. Using Multi-Themed Wallpaper to Transform the Space

Posted on February 27 2018

From residential to commercial projects, 2018 promises to be an exciting time for interior designers. New projects mean brand new chances to get creative, take risks, and experiment. Based on what we saw in 2017, wallpaper designers are also being more adventurous, stepping outside the carefully constructed categories of “floral wallpaper” or “geometric wallpaper” to create new designs that are transformative, dramatic, and eye-catching. Let’s take a closer look at wallpapers that are “multi-themed.” In other words, they are influenced or incorporate design motifs from various wallpaper categories or aesthetics.


Textures x Geometric Wallpaper

Titanium RM40810 - Imprinted Plaster

Starting off the list with one of our most recent favorites, Imprinted Plaster is an easy-to-use, versatile pattern that mixes a textured look with a minimalist geometric print. The repeating columns of small squares adds a structured, modern look to the wallpaper while the randomly placed textures in the background have a more haphazard design. The contrast between the two creates a unique appearance that blends both order and chaos together. From a design standpoint, the beige/taupe colors also presents a flexible option for any space, making it an excellent choice for many design projects.

Precious Elements NH30004 - Rusty Corridor

Sticking with the textured geometric wallpaper crossover, Rusty Corridor also adds a rustic flavor that’s been so popular these last few years (particularly in the faux effect wallpaper category). The weathered grunge aesthetic is a look that’s been seen in all settings, whether it’s for a residential space such as a bedroom, or a commercial space like an upscale restaurant. Whatever the application, the incorporation of textural-focused designs means that the color usage is that much more important. Since texture wallpaper typically emphasize color usage and how they interact with each other, wallpaper patterns such as the one above really pack a punch in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Floral x Watercolor Wallpaper

Senzai NH10203 - Vibrant Bloom


Many of the watercolor wallpapers we’ve seen so far have been floral themed, but it’s such a great combination that it deserves a place on our list anyway. One of fun new designs is Vibrant Bloom, which absolutely infuses a space with vibrant colors and optimistic cheer. The different shades of green presents a naturalistic, organic feel. When placed on a soft, pastel yellow background, it makes the room feel inviting and open. Watercolor aesthetics have a way of making the imagery look handcrafted and unique.


Traditional Floral x Faux Effect Wallpaper

Brockhall NH20000 - Concrete Floral


Mixing floral and faux effect aesthetics into one wallpaper can make for an interesting statement! With a subtle concrete design in the background, Concrete Flower is a neat example of how two completely different wallpaper styles can be incorporated together to create an original look. While the flowers and intricate border present a more classic or traditional appearance, the inclusion of concrete gives it a modern edge. This wallpaper comes in a variety of full-color options, but we’re pretty partial to this gray and beige one because it further emphasizes the “concreteness” of the background. The neutral color scheme also makes it a flexible choice for any setting.


Abstract x Textures x Watercolor Wallpaper

Senzai NH11007 - Watercolored Blots


Abstract and texture wallpaper tend to go hand in hand but there are some subtle differences. Abstract wallpaper typically includes more defined imagery whereas texture wallpapers focus almost entirely on colors and undefined imagery. With Watercolored Blots, we have a nice blending of the two categories (on top of using watercolor aesthetics). The different spots and shapes have a textural, almost visceral appearance, making it add a sense of depth to the pattern. It has a tactile element found in most textured wallpaper.


Abstract x Traditional x Contemporary Wallpaper

Neo Royal 218629 - Digital Floral Tiles


The abstract digital overlay is what gives this creative wallpaper its name. Mixing together traditional or classic themes with modern styles is one of the most common examples we’ve seen. However, none have taken this experimentation as far as this Neo Royal wallpaper. With a large amount of detail in both the imagery and color, Digital Floral Tiles is truly a visual feast for designers and clients alike. It’s definitely an interesting look and one that may not fit all tastes, but for those who want their space to stand out and their walls to make a statement, this is the one.


Modern Floral x Abstract x Minimalist Wallpaper

Modern Motifs NA3304 - Stylized Leaf


Last but certainly not least is a product that mixes three different wallpaper categories to create a stylized look that’s simple yet bold. The minimalism extends from the color scheme all the way to the design of the imagery itself. The black and white makes it a flexible choice for any space, but it also serves to highly the linear nature of the design. The ideal leaf form has been reduced down to an artistic, stylized representation of the actual image. What results is an original look that plays on the concept of imagery and depth.


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