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27. Featured Wallpaper Collection: Loft

Posted on March 13 2018

Loft is a collection that features abstract aesthetics combined with geometric wallpaper, textured wallpaper, and nature-themed wallpaper designs. The color scheme varies from subdued peach and mustard yellows to neutral tones of gray and beige. The minimalist look is present throughout the Loft collection, and in today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the standout patterns that offer interior designers flexibility and versatility.

Loft 218467 - Textured Cotton


Starting off with a textured wallpaper, Textured Cotton mimics the look and feel of actual fabric. Wallpaper that uses real fabric materials, such as textile wallpaper, are more fragile and are only suited for specific applications (e.g. low traffic areas). Thus, interior designers can look to faux finish or textured wallpaper for designs that “mimic” the real thing. This wallpaper adds a softness to the walls that makes it more stylish than paint while keeping with a more low-key or minimalist look. Plain wallpaper, such as the deep purple one pictured above, are perfect for using throughout the entire space, or as a complimentary wallpaper to a feature wall. Whatever the case, one of the key benefits of the Loft collection is that it’s versatile.

Loft 218440 - Neutral Concrete

Neutral Concrete is a pattern that combines abstract color usage with a faux finish wallpaper style. While not presenting the traditional concrete imagery that’s typically gray, large-scale, or blocky, it does allow interior designers to use a faux effect in the space while being creative with it as well. The different colors add an artistic touch and the surface has a cloudy, weathered appearance.

Loft 218382 - Toned Textures

This textured wallpaper has long vertical stripes running down the surface, creating a sense of height that is perfect for smaller walls or rooms with a lower ceiling. The light peach blends with the beige, creating a light color scheme that is playful and professional at the same time. The uneven, slightly wavering lines have a hand crafted, unique look that makes it stand out from other straight striped wallpaper patterns. The different colors also keeps the relatively simplistic design from being to visually stale.

Loft 218400 - 3D Grid


For a three dimensional look, 3D Grid is a geometric wallpaper that features a compact, small-scale design. The little rectangles feature a realistic shading/lighting effect that makes it seem as it it’s indented into the walls. This interesting visual effect gives the walls a sense of depth and characteristic. The 3D effect also gives it a more tactile feel.


Loft 218430 - Minimalist Blocks


This next geometric wallpaper is one that’s pretty unique, having a “digital” aesthetic effect that makes it look like an image that’s still rendering. The yellow, orange, and brown color scheme adds warmth to the space, whether it’s used as a bedroom wallpaper in a residential setting, or in the lobby of a hotel. The versatility of the design comes from its timeless geometric pattern that mixes different sized rectangles together, creating interesting overlapping sections of color.


Loft 218416 - Solid Hexagon

Speaking of 3D geometric wallpaper, a common theme in the Loft wallpaper collection is how the designers used lighting and shading effects to make the flat wallpaper surface truly “pop.” Our next highlight is Solid Hexagon, which uses all of these design aesthetics and more. The different brown shades contribute to the illusion of endless smaller hexagons but if you look closely, these form an even larger hexagonal shape.

Loft 218450 - Painted Leaf

While specific imagery isn’t really the main focus of the Loft wallpaper collection, there are patterns that feature them. For example, this weathered “Painted Leaf” wallpaper has the imprint of several medium-scale leaves scattered across the surface. The floating leaves have a watercolor aesthetic, adding to the artistic nature of this design. The scratched and faded areas uses a mix of different colors, creating a weathered, aged look that imbues the space with a sense of tradition and contemporary style.

Loft 218484 - Modern Striped


Last but not least, we return to the core design principles featured in many other Loft wallpapers. With a small-scale grid background giving this wallpaper a modern geometric effect, the different lines in the foreground can be interpreted as further geometric motifs or as minimalist or abstract takes on trees and branches. Whatever your interpretation, there’s no denying that interior designers will have an excellent time using this pattern in their space. The fusion of minimalist pattern aesthetics is also represented in its gray and white color scheme.

Overall, the Loft wallpaper collection is one that emphasizes minimalism, geometric, and plain textured wallpaper designs. Playing with a three dimensional look is a theme that’s already prevalent in many of its designs, which makes for the creation of engaging spaces and wall décor. While not as flashy or “image-intensive” as other wallpaper collections, interior designers will benefit from the Loft patterns’ versatile and flexible nature. The muted colors make for easy usage, particularly for projects where professionalism and a subtle, yet stylish touch is key.


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