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28. St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper: Our Top Picks for Green Wallpaper

Posted on March 15 2018

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, you might be looking to add a bit of green to your own space or project. That’s where we come in! We’ve put together a list of our favorite green wallpapers. As with any color, using green wallpaper can dramatically change the atmosphere and mood in the space, whether you’re designing a residential or commercial room. Light green wall coverings add a sense of renewal, freshness, and nature; on the other hand, darker green shades are more dramatic, mysterious, and rustic. From creative watercolor wallpaper to memorable floral designs, take a look through our top wallpaper picks for St. Patrick’s Day!

Starting our list off with two plain textured wallpapers, these versatile products are great for using throughout the entire space or to complement a feature wall. As you read through this article, you’ll see some excellent large-scale patterns that would work wonderfully as accent walls. These two Stroke wallpapers from the Caravaggio can be the perfect companion piece. The first one pictured above has a deeper green shade, reminiscent of fresh pine trees. The other Stroke wallpaper selection has more of a yellow undertone, creating a more brighter green color.

Brockhall NH20301 - Vintage Vines


The world of designer wallpaper is filled with creative artists, such as Nina Hancock. In one of latest works, the Brockhall wallpaper collection, is this unassuming yet elegant wallpaper. For a traditional classic design, this nature-themed wallpaper imbues the space with a gentle breath of fresh air. It has a minimalist look that utilizes a simplistic color palette to create the essence of organic matter.


Incorporating different shades of green into one wallpaper can be an easy way to create a monochromatic look in the space. For example, this nature-themed design from the Senzai wallpaper collection mixes floral and watercolor aesthetics to create a vibrant, organic look that can work beautifully as a feature wall. The careful brushstrokes, use of gradients to create depth, and green tones all contribute to this stunning work of art. When using this wallpaper as a feature wall, consider the two plain textured wallpaper we highlighted at the beginning. Paired with the forest green wallpaper, this Field of Bamboo wallpaper will have darker, more mysterious appeal. On the other hand, the lighter yellow-green textured wallpaper will pair nicely with the background and lighter parts of this wallpaper, creating a sense of openness.

 Senzai NH10904 - Watercolor Forest


Another stunning design in the Senzai wallpaper collection Watercolor Forest, which again combines floral motifs with a watercolor artistic style. This time around, it also incorporates minimalism into the mix. The thin brown branches add a bit of contrast to the light green colored background, while the darker green leaves and pink-purple blossoms add another degree of visual interest. While the previous watercolor wallpaper had a more classical or “structured” painting style, think of this one as a freehand experiment. It’s more playful and contemporary, rather than traditional.

Grasscloth 2016 GPW-M-301 - Gravel Path

St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper isn’t just about using green colored wallpaper, but also about using wallpaper that is safe for the environment. Grasscloth wallpaper is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wallpaper because it uses materials such as jute, arrowroot, and other fibers. This gorgeous green wallpaper uses mica stones, packing countless chips in a dense layer. The highly textured surface also subtly reflects light, giving it a glamorous appeal. While not suitable for all applications (such as high traffic areas or situations where the wallpaper can get easily damaged or dirty), designers looking to create a visual impact for their specific projects should consider using mica wallpaper where appropriate.

Grasscloth GPW-S-25 - Ramie

For a more traditional grasscloth wallpaper, Ramie is featured above in a bright pastel green color that is sure to liven up the space. Best used throughout the room on all walls, the threaded design and “randomness” of the thread width adds a hand crafted look. Grasscloth wallpaper tends to add a lot of character to the space because of its highly textured, unique appearance. Since grasscloth can easily be mixed and matched with other grasscloth wallpapers, consider pairing this green wallpaper up with something else.

Cassata 077369 - Leopard

For a contemporary wallpaper look that will catch anyone’s attention, Leopard is an animal-themed that adds a playful mood to the space. Again, this wallpaper is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day because it utilizes different shades of green to create a rich expanse of color. While it’s a simplistic color scheme, it also presents a dynamic look. This green wallpaper also blurs the line between faux effects with its animal theme and abstract aesthetics with its non-distinct imagery.

Courtesan COU408 - Cluster

Last but not least, let’s end our St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper highlights with a funky geometric wallpaper. This vibrant green wallpaper features a honeycomb shaped designs spread across the surface, creating a dense, complex look. With its small-scale design, this wallpaper is best suited for small to mid-sized spaces, such as small retail stores, bathrooms, and hallways.

Looking for even more St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper? Check out our full collection of green wallpaper!


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