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31. Minimalist Wallpaper: White with a Splash of Color

Posted on April 10 2018

Minimalist wallpaper can refer to many different visual aspects, such as the color scheme or the image’s intricacy. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the first category: simplistic color schemes. The minimalist wallpaper featured below feature white with a splash of color, perfect for creating a low-key, yet stylish look.

Chacran 46021 - Enchanted

Starting off with a contemporary floral wallpaper, the interesting aesthetics create a high degree of visual interest unlike any traditional nature-themed design we’ve seen. The repeated floral motifs, represented as abstract dots, have a unique look about them that keeps the pattern from becoming too complex. The red-orange definitely stands out among the white background, and the color choice itself adds a playful energy to the space. Whether you’re designing a residential or commercial space, you can also consider using this floral wallpaper pattern as a feature wall. For the other complementary walls, consider using a white textured wallpaper to keep the space looking open and airy; on the other hand, choosing a plain wallpaper in a red-orange color will create a bolder, more dramatic space.

Gardens of Amsterdam 46174 - Pleasant

Looking for a floral wallpaper that’s more on the “classic” side? Pleasant, part of the Gardens of Amsterdam wallpaper collection, has a softer, hand painted look compared to the straighter edges of the previous wallpaper design. On the background is a leafy print that’s subtle, keeping the focus solely on the vibrant pink colors. The additional details do add another dimension to the overall pattern. The soft pastel color scheme and gentle appearance is perfect for adding a sense of calmness and relaxation to the space.

Gardens of Amsterdam 46152 - Classic 


Another selection from the Gardens of Amsterdam wallpaper collection, Classic is a minimalist wallpaper featuring a vibrant blue color. Again, the splash of color really “pops” off the surface when used against the white background. Here, the background features a plain, slightly textured pattern – the simplicity contrasts the intricate details of the blue symbols. The classic elegance of this wallpaper and the pattern’s scale makes it very suitable for transitional spaces – such as hallways in a home or a lobby in a hotel – or smaller spaces, like dens or powder rooms.

So far, the wallpapers we’ve looked at focus primarily on a single color against a white background. However, there are certain wallpaper designs out there that feature a more diverse color palette. For interior designers who want more color while maintaining a minimalist look, Humming Bird is for you. The various shades of green, blue, and red create an artistic, energetic appearance. The watercolor art style is also a beautiful aesthetic that injects the atmosphere with a sense of creativity and liveliness. Because the “brushstrokes” are light, the scenery doesn’t appear cluttered or overwhelming, even though it’s incorporating multiple colors.

Diamonds are Forever 47001 - Stylish

Bold geometric looks are always an on-trend way of making a contemporary statement in any space. This particular design features a large-scale pattern that’s not typical of your usual geometric wallpaper. The interlinking chains have a unique look that contrasts straight with curving lines, squares with more elongated ovals. What results is a highly contemporary, minimalist geometric design with a creative touch. The verticality of this wallpaper also lends itself well to usage on small walls or spaces, since it will create the illusion of a larger space.

Layers 48992 - Evolution

Whereas the previous geometric wallpaper had a sophisticated look, this one is more offbeat and quirky. Evolution features overlapping geometric patterns featured in different colors. The pastel pink, taupe, and brown colors work together to create a subdued color scheme that is still very eye-catching. The media-scale pattern showcases a highly repetitive look, similar to many traditional geometric styles. Because of its diverse color scheme and overlapping style, the use of a white background helps to keep the overall appearance from becoming too complex or complicated.

Senzai NH11305 - Minimalist Watercolor Fish Pond


Watercolor wallpapers are a trendy choice for many spaces thanks to its unique, artistic look that gives it a hand drawn effect. Minimalist Watercolor Fish Pond is a wallpaper that caught our attention immediately when it was released because of its fantastic design. It carefully balances the complexity of the imagery, such that the overall look never becomes too cluttered or messy. What we’re left with is a peaceful, minimalist watercolor scheme that adds a sense of relaxation to the space. This pattern is also available in black and white for a bolder look, or blue and gold for a more colorful look.

Last but not least, one of the stand out patterns from the Van Gogh wallpaper collection is the Almond Blossom series, available in several vibrant colors. Featured above in a gold and white color scheme, this wallpaper is perfect for both feature walls and use throughout the space. The hand painted look perfectly captures Van Gogh’s art style, with heavy paint strokes and bold use of colors. There’s a classic simplicity with this floral wallpaper as its iconic look can’t help but be the center of attention.


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