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32. Creative Multi-themed Geometric Wallpaper for the Dining Room

Posted on April 12 2018

Multi-themed wallpaper, patterns that use two or more different styles, combines different aesthetics to create a completely unique and visually interesting design. Whether your next project is for a residential or commercial space, interior designers looking to add a special element to the room should consider multi-themed wallpaper patterns because these designs bring a lot to the table. While not firmly in one category or the other, multi-themed wallpaper carefully balances various styles and motifs. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at creative multi-themed geometric wallpaper for the dining room. In other words, the geometric wallpapers we’ll be featuring below also incorporate design elements from other wallpaper categories, such as abstract and floral.

Christian Fischbacher 219183 - Haiku


First up is a simplistic geometric wallpaper design featuring a trellis pattern. It’s been combined with a nature-theme aesthetic, which not only adds a high degree of detail but a splash of color as well! Whereas the geometric pattern is more monochromatic and minimalist in its design and color usage, the addition of the birds and floral elements truly brings this wallpaper to life. What’s great is that the additional elements are fully incorporated into the geometric overlay, creating a sense of unity between the two different wallpaper styles. The birds are perched on the thin geometric lines, adding a lifelike quality that is sure to be visually appealing. This nature/geometric wallpaper adds a touch of the outdoors to any dining room and can be used as a feature wall as well.

Layers 49040 - Intrinsic

Whereas the geometric design was more of a background feature in the previous wallpaper, it’s front and center here. With Intrinsic, this design combines a dense contemporary geometric wallpaper style with a common faux finish wallpaper pattern: wood. The warm neutral color of the background and curving lines helps to balance out the thick white straight lines of the geometric overlay. Because of its compact design, this wood geometric wallpaper would be suitable even for smaller dining rooms.

No Limit 485-5 - Web

Abstract wallpaper generally focuses on two aspects, whether it’s the color usage or the more artistic representation of the imagery. With our next multi-themed geometric wallpaper, the shapes take on a more abstract look that’s much different than the repetitive or symmetrical appearance of traditional geometric. If creating a dining room with a modern edge is your goal, this brown and black wallpaper features various rectangular and circular shapes arranged in an eye-catching way. It’s much more “random” in terms of the geometric design, which gives it an artistic look.

Raw Matters 218844 - Textured Diamonds


Moving on to another geometric wallpaper that incorporates a faux effect design, Textured Diamonds uses the “faux effect” as an element in the geometric design itself, rather than separating the two between foreground and background. The diamond pattern is showcased in “metal,” complete with miniature screws for an even more lifelike effect. With a more industrial look, interior designs can use this faux effect/geometric wallpaper to add a rustic or weathered aesthetic to the dining room.

Senzai NH11203 - Painted Geometrics

Perhaps you’re looking for a multi-themed geometric pattern that’s more subtle? If that’s the case, Painted Geometrics is for you! When used as dining room wallpaper, it adds a subtle elegance with its minimalism. It has a classic look that rivals the look of traditional floral and damask wallpaper. Using a watercolor aesthetic, this geometric wallpaper features a gorgeous gradient effect that immediately drew our attention. Because the actual geometric design is thin, the vibrant colors aren’t too overwhelming but add just enough visual intrigue to transform the dining room space.

Atomic ATO204 - Vibrations

Another geometric wallpaper with abstract aesthetics, Vibrations features repeated oval shapes with a bit more emphasis on presenting symmetry. The compact placement creates a dense look that makes it suitable even for smaller spaces. When used as dining room wallpaper, the taupe has a calming and refined appearance, creating a high-end, designer look. Since it’s a neutral color, it can also be easily slipped into pre-existing dining rooms to add another layer of visual elegance.

Amelie 475852 - Patched Leather


Going back to faux effect styles, this next geometric wallpaper is sure to transform any dining space thanks to its incredibly unique look and warm aesthetics. Turn the dining room into a cozy parlor with faux leather panels mimicking a “stitched” effect and a multi-shade brown color scheme that’s both simple and professional. The slightly faded areas add a lot of details to the already intricate design and thanks to the photorealism, interior designers can get a high-end look through just using wallpaper.

Amelie 861631 - Diamond Stitched Leather


Another interesting multi-themed geometric wallpaper that incorporates a faux leather aesthetic is this one, also from the Amelie wallpaper collection. Rather than a brick or block presentation that had an old-school or antique vibe, this one is firmly contemporary with its silver color scheme and diamond pattern. Again, the stitching brings a lifelike quality to the overall design, adding a touch of realism. Rather than the flat appearance of the previous wallpaper, this one has a more 3D look, thanks to the shading effect. As a dining room wallpaper, this particular design is perfect for creating a sophisticated yet subdued look.


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