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33. The Top Vibrant Floral Wallpaper For Residential Design Projects

Posted on April 24 2018

For your next residential design project, why not consider creating a feature or accent wall? Mapping out an area of interest in the space is an excellent way for interior designers to make their mark and build upon the vision of their client. As one of the most popular styles, floral wallpaper is truly a versatile design, whether you’re looking for traditional classic wallpaper or something a little more modern. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the top floral wallpapers that can be used as feature walls in the home!

Senzai NH10001- Blossoms on Wood

The Senzai wallpaper collection is filled with imaginative designs. However, this pink floral wallpaper pattern caught our attention because of its hand-drawn look. The thin lines look as if it’s been carefully sketched out with a steady hand, and the minimalist color scheme of the floral imagery is brought to life with the bold pink background. Creating a feature wall in any residential space – such as the bedroom or living room – is a great way to add a splash of color to the interior design.

For a more neutral colored look, take a look at this beige/yellow version.

Plaisir 2015 885507 - Botanical

From bold pinks to vibrant greens, this next floral wallpaper is on the opposite end of the spectrum – whereas the previous pink floral pattern was all about creating a minimalist look, this one features minute details that brings the scenery to life. Small blossoms fill the empty spaces whereas the larger white flowers balance out the look. The complexity of the design means it makes the perfect feature wall when used as residential wallpaper. Pair this with a textured plain green wallpaper to extend the organic look throughout the room!

Brockhall NH20411 - English Garden


Looking for a floral wallpaper that gives you a burst of color but still consists of a more minimalist approach? English Garden is a traditional classic wallpaper that blends a highly detailed imagery with a minimalist background to maintain a sense of balance. The deep navy blue color helps highlight the rich red flowers, creating a visually appealing contrast that makes the design “pop” off the walls. The actual imagery is traditional but the color scheme has a contemporary touch that would look natural in any modern home. The designer look is also accompanied by a subtle watercolor aesthetic, an on-trend style that’s sweeping through many different wallpaper categories.

For a darker, dramatic look, this version features a black background. Looking for a more traditional color scheme? Check out this beige wallpaper version. For a completely monochromatic look, this grayscale version does just the trick.

Courtesan COU107 - Flourish


Creating a feature wall requires choosing a design that’s not only bold, but can stand on its own as the center of attention in the space. Thus, a large-scale design is essential in creating that dramatic look. With Flourish, you get the perfect combination of large sweeping floral imagery with a vibrant color scheme. The bright red captures the imagination of viewers while the yellow borders add to this unique energetic look. The purple background also adds a playful color to the mix, creating an artistic look.

Want to see other colorways this floral wallpaper is available in? This green version features a more monochromatic look, while this blue wallpaper conveys a more relaxed aesthetic.

Brocante 45955 - Desire

Floral wallpaper with a “flat” design is an on-trend style that adds a modern look to the residential space. It’s a more contemporary take on the traditional classic floral theme, creating a pop art aesthetic that works wonders as wall décor. The next vibrant floral wallpaper on our list is Desire, featuring a bold yellow and black color scheme that adds a gorgeous visual contrast to the space. While the overall mix of colors is simple – yellow, black, and gray – the combination provides an interesting, modern appeal. For interior designers using this floral wallpaper as a feature wall, consider pairing it with a textured black wallpaper for a darker, dramatic approach, or plain yellow wallpaper for a brighter, more energetic look.

Looking for a single-color look? This floral wallpaper is also available in blue, dark beige, and light beige.

Shadows on the Wall 45641 - Passion

Speaking of modern floral wallpaper, the next one on our list is truly a creative take on the genre. Vibrant wallpaper patterns often take many forms, whether it’s the color scheme or the image itself. With Passion, you’ve never seen a floral design like this! Rendered in a pixelated fashion, the floral images have an abstract look that’s been digitized. The rich pink colors definitely stand out against the off-white background, which itself has been “pixelated” as well. In the residential space, consider using this as living room wallpaper or even powder room wallpaper to create an out-of-the-box style.

This wallpaper is also available in a deep red version, a beige version, and a black and white version.

Watercolor 455663 - Painted Splash


Speaking of creative, out-of-the-box looks, vibrant wallpapers for the residential space is an excellent way to show off your personal touch as an interior designer. Painted Splash, the next floral wallpaper on our list, is a unique take on floral imagery. Using a watercolor aesthetic, it features a range of different colors from lime green and teal to neon orange and bright pinks. The black and white areas help to keep the design from becoming too complex or “busy,” helping to balance out the color scheme.

For a similar color scheme featuring less neon colors, take a look at this version. This watercolor floral wallpaper is also available in a muted pink version, blue version, and a gray version.

Cassata 256535 - Floral Cluster

While the previous floral wallpaper utilized a watercolor aesthetic, this one is similar to a paint brush with its heavy strokes and blending of colors. Featuring large jungle leaves and vibrant pink floral blossoms, Floral Cluster is a contemporary wallpaper that works great as a feature wall. The dark background adds a sense of drama and intrigue to the overall design, creating a look that’s perfect for any residential space. Interior designers can pair this with textured wallpaper to complete the look, or use this floral wallpaper throughout the space.

Like this design but want a white background instead? Try this version. Floral Cluster is also available in a pastel pink and gray color scheme as well as a taupe and yellow version.

Van Gogh 17143 - Almond Blossom

Last but not least, how can we list our favorite vibrant floral wallpaper for the home without including one of our all-time classics? Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, Almond Blossom is not only one of our more popular floral wallpaper products, but it’s also a highly versatile and artistic pattern that captures the imagination. The most vibrant color it’s available in is this energetic yellow, perfect for creating a welcoming and inviting space in the home.

This Almond Blossom wallpaper is available in several eye-catching colors. Some other popular colors include an orange-red version and, of course, the original bright blue version.


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