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34. Featured Wallpaper Collection: Van Gogh

Posted on April 25 2018

As one of the most celebrated artists, Vincent Van Gogh’s works of art have captured the imagination of many generations. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at our Van Gogh wallpaper collection, which is inspired by many of his most recognized paintings.

How could we not start off our list with one of Van Gogh’s most iconic works? Almond Blossom is a classic floral wallpaper with a painted abstract style. Adding an artistic look to the space, this design is truly a dream for art lovers. Interior designers can consider using this floral wallpaper throughout the space or as a feature wall (spoiler: the Van Gogh wallpaper collection contains textured wallpaper patterns that are perfect for use as complementary wallpaper – we’ll take a look at these below). Whether for residential or commercial spaces, the small floral blossoms and intricate “painted” details adds a creative look that is immediately recognizable.

While Van Gogh’s original painting featured a sky blue color, Prime Walls offers a variety of different colorways to choose from. This bright yellow wallpaper offers a similar optimistic tone, while the black wallpaper has a more upscale, designer feel.


Daubigny’s Garden is another example of why Van Gogh’s use of impressionism is not only eye-catching, but also versatile in its emotion. While Almond Blossom offers a fresh, energetic take on floral imagery, this floral wallpaper is more about featuring a wider landscape with a more introspective view. It uses more abstract imagery to create the impression of a garden but leaves a lot of the details to the imagination of the view. Because it doesn’t have distinct imagery, you’ll be using this throughout the space rather than as a feature wall.

Want a bolder color scheme? Take a look at this version, which features deeper, more vivid greens. For a more subtle, faded look, this Van Gogh wallpaper also comes in a grey color scheme.

Van Gogh 17203 - Letters


An eccentric, out-of-the-box look can be found with Letters, a faux wallpaper that features a collage of letters and sketches. Some of what we know from Van Gogh’s life comes from the personal letters between himself and his brother, Theo. While the previous wallpapers featured Vincent’s artwork, this one is more about the painter himself. Shown above in a deep blue color, the minimalist color scheme is balanced by the intricate look of the overlapping “pages.”

Letters is available in four color variations, such as this dark gray wallpaper and the more classic sepia color scheme.


Nature played an important part in many of Van Gogh’s works. As we have seen, many of his iconic paintings are based on floral imagery. The next wallpaper we’d like to highlight is The Pink Peach Tree, featured above in an off-white and purple color scheme. The subtle beauty of the wallpaper is evident in the careful reconstruction of each paint stroke. Nature-themed wallpapers often have a timeless quality as well, perfect for maintaining a stylish look in any space, whether it’s used as a feature wall as bedroom wallpaper or in a retail environment.

The name of the wallpaper, The Pink Peach Tree, is not about the actual color of the wallpaper but it’s a reference to the actual title of Van Gogh’s painting. For interior designers looking for a more authentic colorway, this blue one should do the trick. This nature-themed wallpaper is also available in white for a minimalist look.


Inspired by Van Gogh’s painting with the same name, this watercolor wallpaper is perfect for book lovers. Just imagine this design hanging on the wall of a bookstore or café – it certainly breathes life into the space, that’s for sure! The soft, pastel colors blend together to create a relaxing scene. The pale yellow, gray-blue, taupe, and orange provide an engaging, colorful experience for the viewer.

Piles of French Novels is also available in two other colors: a gray version that’s more subdued and a version that uses a brighter, more energetic color scheme.

Last but not least, the Van Gogh wallpaper collection is rounded out with a diverse set of plain textured wallpaper. With a subtle painted look, these make perfect complementary wallpapers to feature walls, especially if you’re pairing them with a wallpaper design in the same collection. Interior designers who want to get creative might also choose different colors to pair with a feature wall. For example, consider pairing the black textured wallpaper above with the white and gold Almond Blossom wallpaper to create a sophisticated, high-end look.

Textured Paint is available in many different colors. Be sure to take a look through each one since its versatility and flexibility is a welcome addition in any design project!

Interested in providing Van Gogh wallpapers to your own clients? Interior designers may be interested to know that we also offer a wallpaper collection book, which includes every single pattern in the collection in every colorway. It’s the perfect way to get a good look at the product in one convenient book.


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