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36. Classic Geometric Wallpapers with a Sophisticated Touch

Posted on May 10 2018

Geometric wallpapers are prized for their timeless designs that allow it to remain stylish even as other trends come and go. While the majority of geometric designs tend to have a modern look, there are those that are more traditional, using classic aesthetics. This blurs the line between contemporary and tradition, creating a geometric print that is sure to transform the space. Let’s take a look at some classic geometric wallpapers that adds a sophisticated touch to the interiors.

Bazar 219401 - Chevron Textile


For a rustic geometric wallpaper that adds a weathered flair to the space, Chevron Textile has a textured look that’s uncommon among more traditional geometric styles. The coarseness of the edges, faded sections, and uneven lines gives it a roughness that stands in stark contrast with straight, clean linear aesthetics of modern geometric prints. Featured in an eye-catching burnt red, the repeating chevron pattern combines the unique rendering style in a tightly packed design.

Venise 200261 - Faded Applique

Incorporating a more bohemian-inspired look, Faded Applique features different sets of patterns to create one geometric wallpaper that’s not only going to be the center of attention in the space, but one that has a traditional classic appeal as well. With classic diamond motifs, this wallpaper adds a sense of tradition and historic appeal to the room, perfect for communal spaces such as the living room or dining room. The deep rich colors also provide a uniform, minimalist look that is great for creating a more subdued, understated appearance.

Christian Fischbacher 219131 - Belle Epoque

For a trendy geometric wallpaper look that’s more on the traditional rather than modern side, Belle Epoque is one of the newest wallpaper patterns to his our shelves. It’s part of the Christian Fischbacher wallpaper collection, which itself focuses on a more minimalist, classic look while taking minor cues from more contemporary designs. With a repeating half-fan motif, the small details bring this wallpaper to life, adding a classic character to the space. The use of lines helps to create a sense of dynamic movement as well, perfect for creating a sense of energy.

Interior Affairs 218753 - Minimalist Geometry


Moving to a more circular pattern, Minimalist Geometry is a wallpaper that lives up to its namesake, presenting a clean design that focuses on simple curved and straight lines. With a nice contrast between the squares and circles, the etched design mimics the darker taupe pattern to create an interesting visual effect. The repeated pattern adds another element of detail but still manages to keep the overall visuals simple and neat. With a slightly weathered effect on the lines, this geometric wallpaper adds a very subtle rustic flavor to the space.

Layers 48972 - Mesh

Similar to the previous geometric wallpaper, this one also features a second design that repeats the background pattern. However, the black pattern has been sized up, creating a distinct visual difference, rather than just a color difference. This results in a bordered look that perfectly frames the small, more compact pattern. Many contemporary geometric wallpapers typically feature shaper linear designs, but this one is about curved edges and creating a sense of movement and flow. With the neutral color scheme of black, white, and beige, interior designers will have an easier time slotting this wallpaper into pre-existing rooms.

Belmont 49591 - Framework

With a traditional classic flair, Framework utilizes a simplified diamond pattern to create a wonderfully stylish backdrop. The off-white/gray lines have a ribbon effect, taking on a more handpainted aesthetic that contributes to its sophisticated appearance. This additional detail may seem slight, but with many classic-themed wallpaper, it’s these small design changes or add-ons that enhance the pattern with a lot of character and visual intrigue to the piece.

Interior Affairs 218727 - Textured Houndstooth


Last but not least, this geometric wallpaper features a traditional houndstooth design in a color scheme that adds a warmth to the room. With dark brown and beige colors, this wallpaper is great for interior designers looking to create a cozy yet upscale look. The houndstooth pattern is also a classic look and its small-scale design makes it an excellent choice for spaces small or large. Whether you’re decorating a small bedroom or a large, open hallway, the versatility of geometric patterns is evident with this wallpaper.

And that’s our list of geometric wallpaper with a more classic or traditional design! The versatility and flexibility of these wallpapers definition shines through, whether it’s a small compact pattern or a large-scale minimalist one. For even more geometric wallpaper, be sure to browse through our curated collection of designer wallpaper designs!


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