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37. What Designers Need To Know About Dry Erase Wallcoverings

Posted on May 22 2018

Unlike traditional wallpaper or digital murals, dry erase wallcoverings have a more specialized use, but one that designers can consider for their next interior project. In this article, we’ll be going through each of the different types of dry erase wallcoverings, its benefits, and how it can work for different spaces! We’ll also include some stylish wallpaper that are perfect for pairing with dry erase wallcoverings, making the space functional, versatile, and trendy!


Walls IQ Dry Erase High Gloss Wallcovering


First up is our Walls IQ Dry Erase High Gloss Wallcovering. With all of our dry erase wallcoverings, the main benefits include added functionality and versatility. You are essentially transforming a wall into a high-quality whiteboard, allowing the user to write and draw directly onto the surface, while easily erasing simply by wiping it off. With this Walls IQ product in particular, it features a high-gloss finish that adds a stylish, contemporary touch to the space.

Like with regular wallpaper, dry erase wallcoverings come in a specific width and height. As with all of our dry erase wallcoverings, don’t forget to click on the “print tearsheet,” or the technical data sheet on each page for more details on the product. It includes additional information such as flame and solvent resistance, colorfastness, abrasion resistance, weight, and more.

If you’re designing a commercial project, such as an office or boardroom, consider pairing this high-gloss wallcovering with a plain textured wallpaper. This creates a simple yet sophisticated look that ensures the center of attention remains on the dry erase wall itself.

Of the four dry erase wallcoverings we’ll be looking at, this one is the “basic” version. While it doesn’t include some of the more specific enhancements of the other products we’ll be looking at, the Walls IQ Dry Erase High Gloss Wallcovering is truly a jack-of-all-trades, allowing for some versatile usage. The most obvious application may be in a business or office setting, but also consider how schools and other educational centers can make use of dry erase. Dusty chalkboards are truly a thing of the past, especially with the mess. Dry Erase offers a higher quality alternative that is not only long-lasting, but as we’ll see with other products in this line, offers more versatility as well.



Next up is something a little bit different! Walls IQ Dry Erase Projection Wallcovering features a low-gloss surface, meaning it’s perfectly designed for use with projection devices. Because of the low-gloss, users won’t experience any glare or unwanted lighting effects when using the dry erase wallcovering as a backdrop. On the plus side, users are still able to write on the surface as well. For instance, this allows for added versatility when giving a presentation and writing at the same time.

With a low-gloss surface, designers should consider pairing this dry erase wallcovering product with a lighter colors, such as yellow wallpaper, pastel wallpaper, or green wallpaper. This will help the space feel more open and engaging.

In addition to the usual business and educational applications, there are some excellent opportunities for interior designers to use the Walls IQ Dry Erase Projection Wallcovering in residential spaces as well. Projectors are a popular way to watch movies, given that the output can be larger than most TV screens. However, projecting on a regular wall may not be the best idea, especially since it may be painted or contain other wall décor. With this dry erase wallcovering, users not only gain a creative “whiteboard” to play with, but with the additional benefit of being able to project onto the wall without any glare. This makes it a great product for entertainment rooms or even home offices.



Sometimes, users crave a more tactile work environment. With the Walls IQ Dry Erase Magnetic Wallcovering, this product delivers exactly that. It features a specialized magnetic backing that’s perfect for hanging notes and pictures. Similar to the first wallcovering discussed above, this one also includes a high-gloss surface that adds a unique look and feel to the space.

For designers that want to make more use of the dry erase wallcovering, consider creating a feature wall with a digital mural and having the other walls use the dry erase surface. That way, the digital mural adds a splash of color and stylishness to the space, but multiple dry erase surfaces allow for a larger “workspace.”


Walls IQ Dry Erase Clear Paint Solution


Last but not least, we’re actually going to look at a non-wallpaper take on dry erase wallcoverings. This one is the Walls IQ Dry Erase Clear Paint Solution, which is applied directly to the wall like paint. One of the obvious benefits is that there’s no wall sizing that needs to be done. Since you can paint the nooks and crannies, this option is also perfect for irregular wall shapes (think loft or attic spaces with sloped ceilings and other sharp corners). While regular wallpaper can theoretically be trimmed to fit irregular spaces, Walls IQ Dry Erase Clear Paint Solution is a more hassle-free method of creating a dry erase surface.

Additionally, a paint solution allows interior designers to actually control the area where they want to apply the dry erase coating. This allows for endless possibilities of creativity and personalized functionality. Consider this watercolor wallpaper, Piles of French Novels. For the interior designer that loves a DIY approach, they can use this wallpaper throughout the room, but then create a smaller dry erase square right in the middle of one of the walls. This would be one way to create a children’s bedroom, giving them an area where they can actually draw on the walls!


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