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38. Featured Wallpaper Collection: Yala

Posted on May 24 2018

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the Yala wallpaper collection, which blends artistic aesthetics with a minimalist subtleness that adds a gentle stylishness to the space. From soft, painted ferns to textured plains, wallpapers in the Yala collection emphasize an earthy, organic look that feels authentic. Other parts of the theming runs towards more contemporary patterns, such as classic faux marble and sharp geometric designs.

Yala 19533 - Floral Watercolors

Color usage in the Yala collection is generally more muted, with various grays, taupes, whites, and beiges. However, splashes of color are also available, as demonstrated by the modern floral wallpaper above. With a watercolor aesthetic, this floral print is a contemporary take on the classic wallpaper category, opting for a more stylized representation of floral and leaf patterning, rather than a more photorealistic image. The bolder red-brown background may seem at odds with the primarily green and blue foreground, but it’s this contrast that provides a unique color palette for any space.

Yala 19542 - Brushed Fern

Playing with contrasting imagery and concepts is a theme that runs throughout the Yala wallpaper collection. Whether it’s different colors making an impact on a wallpaper design, or mixing organic and abstract themes together, the versatility this collection allows interior designers freedom in mixing and matching different products. Take this Brushed Fern wallpaper as an example. With a simplistic yet artistic look, designers may want to create a feature wall with this particular print, while selecting a different Yala textured wallpaper to complete the look.

Yala 19552 - Hexagonal Watercolors


From nature-themed wallpaper to something else entirely, geometric wallpapers also make an appearance in the Yala collection. It still utilizes subdued color palettes, such as the Hexagonal Watercolors featured above. The soft blue, green, taupe, and lilacs create an earthy, naturalistic look that doesn’t make it seem out of place when placed alongside floral-themed imagery. As you explore the collection, you’ll notice that blank backgrounds are often featured. This not only helps to put the viewer’s attention solely on the foreground imagery, but it also provides the wallpaper with a minimalist look, making it easier to mix and match different patterns as well.

Yala 19563 - Vintage Fishbone

While many of the Yala wallpaper patterns feature a more subtle color scheme or imagery, there are some wallpaper designs that are more intense. Again, this speaks to the versatility of the entire collection as there is truly something for everyone. With Vintage Fishbone, the deep blue colors provide a strong look, while the linear pattern adds a dynamic movement to the space. Of the four color variations, this blue one is definitely the most intense. The other colorways include grey, white, and a pastel green/taupe.

Yala 19521 - Subtle Painted Lines

Speaking of textured plain wallpaper, Yala also features several such designs that are perfect for creating a subtle stylish look or for designers who want wallpaper to complement a feature wall. With a painted look, the different shades of grey and taupe blend seamlessly together, creating an artistic appeal. While this particular design doesn’t feature any distinct imagery, it can still be used throughout the entire room to create a sophisticated touch that’s refined and tasteful.

Yala YAD19550 - Traditional Marble


Faux effect wallpaper patterns in the Yala wallpaper collection are represented with a few marble designs. This one has a very classic marble look, opting for a naturalistic take on marble material – it’s what comes to mind when we think of “marble.” Featured above in a pastel pink tone, this elegant look offers a much different mood than other faux effects, such as brick, wood, and concrete. Marble is often used to create a more traditional aesthetic, making it an excellent choice for spaces such as the master bedroom, high-end designer retail stores, and trendy restaurants.

Yala 19582 - Marbled Watercolors


On the other end of the spectrum, rather than a natural marble look, this marble wallpaper is influenced by a watercolor aesthetic. The cloudy style allows it to straddle the line between a faux effect wallpaper and an abstract wallpaper, resulting in a flexible pattern. Featured above in a gray/white color scheme, Yala wallpaper often feature many neutral colors in their variations, making for some truly flexible wallpaper patterns.

And there you have it – the Yala wallpaper collection! Of course, there are still more patterns to be discovered so be sure to head on over to Prime Walls and see the rest of the designs. As always, the Yala collection is also available as a wallpaper book, an excellent way to showcase wallpaper samples for clients.


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