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41. 5 Trendy Contract Quality Digital Prints For Modern Spaces

Posted on June 19 2018

While Prime Wall’s catalogue of contract wallpaper is extensive, there are times when a commercial design project calls for something a bit more unique. Digital contract prints are the next step in wall décor, offering unprecedented customization options for interior designers. Using contract quality (Type II) substrates, these digital wallcoverings don’t just stand the test of time and wear and tear, but are a stylish alternative to regular contract wallpaper. In this article, we’ll be looking at 5 different commercial spaces and contract digital prints that would be the perfect fit.

1. Restaurants and Cafes


First up is restaurants and cafes. More and more, these communal spaces have interior spaces that are eclectic, original, and creative. For interior designers working with a restaurant or food space, the idea of showing off the brand’s personality is key – what do you want people to feel when they sit down at the table? How does the wall décor interact with other furniture items in the space, such as the tables, chairs, and lighting? Our first contract mural pick for restaurant commercial design projects is this stunning geometric digital mural. With a 3D/illusion effect, this adds a sense of depth and movement to the walls that brings with it a vibrant energy to the restaurant space. The bold blue colors add a relaxing, professional appeal, while the weathered visual add-ons give this geometric mural a rough, unique look. Geometric digital murals have a highly contemporary appeal that looks at home in any modern eatery.


2. Retail


Moving on to retail spaces, our next digital mural pick is one that helps accentuate the products of the store while adding a grungy, on-trend look that’s been very popular among interior designers. Faux finish wallpapers are always a favorite among designers thanks to their stylish, photorealistic look that mimics materials such as concrete, wood, and brick. Neo Concrete Slab is a contract digital mural that features a large-scale concrete pattern, complete with all the usual markers of a classic concrete design – rich gray tones, scratch marks and broken edges, and a weathered look that seems aged and worn. When used in a retail environment, this concrete digital mural helps to put the focus entirely on the products, while adding a modern touch to the space. Since the store’s products are generally more colorful than this grayscale image, this also creates a visual contract that will surely excite visitors.


3. Salon and Spa


For commercial projects that include salons and spas, the most common idea is to create a space that’s inviting, relaxing, and calming. For that reason, we’ve chosen this gorgeous floral digital mural that also includes a 3D effect. What 3D imagery does is make it seem like it’s “popping” off the walls, not only creating depth but adding an interesting perspective to the flat surface as well. It becomes a part of the space rather than being used simply as a wall décor item. Wavy 3D Roses features a dense packing of floral blossoms, with one larger rose framed by smaller one. The soft pastel pinks are sparse, accentuating the white flowers. Although the color scheme is on the simple side, there is a high degree of detail that brings the mural to life.

4. Education and Spaces for Children


While many contract quality digital murals emphasize a photorealistic look, that’s not always the case. There will be times when interior designers will be working on commercial projects where primarily children will use the space. Some examples include educational centers (e.g. schools) and daycares. Choosing a contract digital mural that emphasizes color is one step in creating a space that’s welcoming and enjoyable for kids. This digital mural is our pick because of its vibrant colors and cute theming. With an array of different adorable animals, the colors help to establish the mood of the space, transforming it into a more playful, engaging environment. The bright blues, yellows, and greens inspire creativity and a sense of play. Of course, digital murals can be customized so interior designers can even edit the image based on their current project. For example, including the name of the school on the digital mural is one way to make it more personalized.


5. Corporate Custom Murals


Last but not least, corporate settings can be anything from business offices and boardrooms to lobbies and hallways. For a professional yet stylish look, our last pick is this Amar digital mural, featuring repeating trees and shadows. It’s a minimalist look that has an artistic edge, making it seem more like a painting than a photograph. The neutral brown shades can easily be slipped into pre-existing interior spaces, but interior designers can also edit the color based on their project specifications. This digital print definitely adds a touch of the outdoors to any space!

For even more contract quality digital prints, browse through out catalogue today! To read more on digital murals, be sure to check out our in-depth article, The Ultimate Guide to Digital Murals.


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