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42. Contemporary Contract Wallpapers In Vibrant Colors

Posted on June 21 2018

For your next commercial project, why not go with a contract wallpaper in a more vibrant or bold color? Commercial spaces, whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, or anything else, are areas where interior designers can get truly creative. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at contract wallpapers that are not only professional, but provide a truly stylish appearance for years to come!

Metropol Parasol MP2436

Faux effects is one commercial wallpaper category that designers are in love with and for good reason! The realistic appearance mimics popular materials such as brick, concrete, and wood. These provide a very high-end, contemporary look and Metropol Parasol is no exception. With a more stylized take on wood, this faux effect design is featured above in a taupe and brown color scheme. The neutral color tones is a safe yet stylish departure from regular white or brown wallpaper that’s often seen in settings such as hotel lobbies, reception areas, and the like.

It’s available in several other colors, perfect for mixing and matching with your particular design project – a darker black offers a more intriguing, mysterious look, while this pastel pink version of the wallpaper opens up the space, creating a welcoming environment.

Infinity 34262

Next up is an easy-to-use design that features a minimalist textured plain design. The Infinity wallpaper is a flexible and versatile pattern that can be used as a complimentary wallpaper for a contract quality digital print or by itself throughout the space. Shown above in an eye-catching purple shade, this contract wallcovering is the perfect blend of color and professionalism in one.

Infinity is available in over a dozen colors. From a bold golden yellow to a rich dark blue, Infinity is a contract wallcovering that offers flexibility.

Lobby 34285 


If your commercial project calls for a more simplistic pattern, designers can use vibrant color in the absence of any specific imagery. A splash of color can add a lot of emotion and energy to the space, especially with bolder colors. While Lobby is a plain textured wallpaper with no distinct images, the deep fuchsia tone is enough to draw the attention of any guest. Unlike paint, the uniformity of this wallpaper and durability means it’s a long lasting option for commercial design projects.

Lobby is available in over 25 different colors, ranging from equally bold colors to more neutral selections.

Moving away from the traditionally popular contract commercial theme of plain or textured wallpaper, Delhi is an engaging and visually dynamic geometric wallpaper featuring a small-scale design. The vibrant teal background provides an excellent contrast to the gold geometric overlay, adding a sense of the exotic with its detailed look. This particular contract wallcovering is perfect for commercial spaces that need a more personalized or energetic look; it’s for clients who aren’t afraid to stand out and want their space to have an elegant characteristic.

Pastel and jewel tones are a consistent theme throughout the other Delhi colors. Options include a dynamic red version, blue, and pastel pink.

Yeso 16440


This textured wallpaper takes a more painterly approach, adding a creative take on the wallpaper imagery. Textured wallpaper often works to create a sense of depth on the walls, and Yeso does exactly that. The orange-brown colors weave together to create a more dynamic look that makes it stand out from solid-color wallpapers. This particular contract wallcovering is suitable for spaces where designers want that little bit of imagery but with a minimalist approach.

Yeso is available in 10 different colors across a variety of neutral shades, such as gray, brown, and black.

Shiraz 15771


Last but not least, a list about vibrant contract wallcoverings wouldn’t be complete without one of the most eye-catching, bold colors out there – orange! Shiraz is a densely textured wallpaper that puts the emphasis solely on the actual color. With a truly colorful look, this minimalist wallpaper is sure to transform the space, making it feel more lively and, well, vibrant! Because of its more abstract design, texture wallpaper patterns such as this one works well in both small and larger commercial spaces.

Shiraz is available in 20 different colors. While most are mostly neutral colors, such as brown and white, there are some vibrant colors as well, including blue and red.


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