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43. Creating 5 Unique Looks for Commercial Spaces

Posted on July 03 2018

For interior designers looking to make an impact in their next project, Prime Wall’s extensive collection of contract quality wallpaper and digital prints offers high-quality wallcoverings that suits every need. Whether you’re looking for a specific material – like vinyl wallpaper - or a specific wallpaper theme, our commercial wallpaper is the perfect balance between functionality, versatility, and gorgeous aesthetics.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 5 different commercial spaces, ranging from trendy retail stores to educational settings. In each category, we’ll be showcasing two different contract wallcoverings that would look perfect for that space.

Metropol Parasol MP2445

First up is salons and spas, a place that’s meant to be relaxing, calming, and welcoming. While contract wallpaper color is always a key aspect of interior design, it’s even more important in this case since color can have a deep impact on those that walk through the space. Thus, focusing on lighter or brighter colors is one way to make a space feel more open and inviting. Vibrant colors, like deep orange or red, shouldn’t be used too often as it adds too much energy to the space. This can be an excellent choice for certain salons, such as hair and nail salons where the key isn’t too much about relaxation; for traditional spas, definitely use bold colors in moderation. Deeper or darker colors are best used as accent colors – small splashes here and there. For the main or dominant color, definitely focus on lighter colors!

Osaka - 36178

Metropol Parasol is one example that blends an interesting design with all of the functionality and durability of a contract wallpaper. It’s an abstract or stylized take on faux effect wallpaper, specifically a wood pattern. Showcased above in a pastel color palette, the pinks, browns, and beiges work together to create a soft yet stylish look. Osaka continues this pastel color trend with a soft blue. As a textured contract wallpaper, Osaka is very versatile and can be used on its own throughout the space or even as a complimentary wallpaper should interior designers choose to create a feature wall using a digital mural.

Glass - G1602

Educational settings, such as a school or tutorial center, requires a much different approach than a salon/spa. For these types of commercial project, interior designers will want to focus more on the actual pattern, making sure that it’s not too distracting for the students while maintaining a level of stylishness that wallpaper has over regular old paint. Similar to the salon and spa selections above, lighter colors tend to do well, especially in rooms where there are fewer windows (and less natural light). Darker or bolder colors add energy to the space, which would be perfect for spaces such as the gym, hallways, and the entrance lobby. For educational spaces, the contract wallpaper should work to unify the space in both its color and theming.

Ease - 15828

First up is Glass, a highly textured wallpaper that looks like an intricate glass mosaic. With its dense, compact design, it’s a unique look for sure, but one that doesn’t take anything away from an educational atmosphere. It’s stylish, but it’s an understated, subtle “stylishness” that just adds another visual element to the space. The light yellow follows the pastel color trend, making this particular wallpaper great for use throughout the space. The second one that would work well in commercial projects dealing with educational settings is Ease. It too is a textured pattern but one that’s more on the minimalist side. It features small “scratched” patterning that extends across the entire surface. Since Prime Walls contract wallpapers feature high durability and easy cleaning, wallpapers such as this one makes perfect sense for heavy traffic areas.

Next up is retail stores, a space where interior designers can get a bit more creative and experimental. Color usage isn’t too restricted since retail stores do come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a high-end jewellery store or a casual clothing chain. The key focus is to create a space that’s memorable, one that will “wow” customers as they enter the store. Whereas educational centers were more about creating a professional learning atmosphere, retail stores are about making an impact within the minds of consumers. Visuals, such as the furniture, décor, and wallpaper all contribute to making the store stand out from its many competitors.

Cortica - 16430

Moving far away from the light, pastel tones of the previous examples, our first pick for retail spaces is Trellis, a gorgeous geometric wallcovering that makes quite a visual impact. With its darker color scheme, it truly adds a mysterious, high-end look to the space. Creating an intimate look for the retail environment, the rustic flavor of the faded diamonds is another visual add-on that makes this one stylish selection! The second one is Cortica, which is a textured wallpaper that adds a cosy look to the retail store. It’s a look that’s similar to cork wallpaper, a common subcategory of natural (or grasscloth wallpaper). Featured in a deep brown color, the bits of gold creates visual accents that have a weathered look.

Quattro Marble Wallpaper 457010-1

Similar to retail stores, restaurants are a type of commercial space that lends itself well to over the top theming and showcasing the personality of the brand. Going wild with the colors and patterns is one way to make the space stand out from its competitors. Restaurant spaces range from small, casual eateries to high-end chef-inspired cuisine. Given the type of environment, designers should be on the look out for wallcovering specifications listed on the product page. These include information such as fire ratings, washability, and other features that factor into the product and its durability.

Delhi - 36203

Digital prints is one type of contract wallcovering that’s gaining in popularity with interior designers. It’s a fully customizable type of wallcovering, which makes it easy to use with any given commercial project (click here to read up on digital prints and everything designers need to know). Best suited as a feature wall, digital prints like Quattro Marble are designed to make a big impact on visitors. Digital murals are expansive, taking up the entire wall with its pattern. The large-scale faux marble has an abstract, almost retro psychedelic look that’s highly detailed yet minimalist in its color scheme. On the other hand, a more traditional wallpaper like Delhi offers a bold color that sets the tone for the restaurant space – red adds energy, intrigue, and a sense of passion. The lighter gold geometric imprint creates a honeycomb-like pattern, further boosting this wallpaper’s on-trend appeal.

Grasscloth GPW-DJ-102

Last but not least, corporate design projects can include areas such as the reception or lobby area and business offices. Most of the time, the idea is to create a stylish yet subtle look that still maintains a high degree of professionalism. Textured contract wallpapers are one style that, well, never goes out of style! It’s a versatile pattern, making it easy to slip into current spaces without haven’t to worry too much about mixing and matching different imagery. With corporate design projects, consider using neutral tones to keep the color palette more simple and flexible. Some projects may call for bolder colors, but for our two picks, we’ve gone with patterns and colors that are both easy to use and eye-catching.

Colosseum CL2425

Best used in lower traffic areas, natural or grasscloth wallcoverings are an incredibly unique type of wallpaper. Using natural materials, such as mica, cork, arrowroot and other fibers, grasscloth has a highly textured finish that gives the walls a sense of depth and character. For our first pick for corporate design projects, the grasscloth above features a gorgeous orange and brown color scheme that works to create a cozy look. The richness of the colors is one that can’t be 100% replicated as each wallpaper roll is unique due to its natural materials. The second one is Colosseum, shown above in a space gray color. With its cool color scheme, it has a high-end, futuristic look that would look at home in any office. The compact geometric look is a neat take on traditional brick patterns as well!


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