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44. Featured Wallpaper Collection: Indian Summer

Posted on July 05 2018

Unlike other wallpaper collections with a large handful of designs, Indian Summer opts for a more narrow focus. What this collection lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up for it with a high degree of versatility. All of the wallpaper designs can easily be matched with others in the same collection as they are available in similar colorways. The overarching theme – the use of a “grunge” background – becomes the centerpiece for the wallpaper products, creating a visual unity that not many other wallpaper collections can claim. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at all of the designs in the Indian Summer wallpaper collection.

Browsing through the Indian Summer collection, it’s clear that its stylishness comes from its timeless designs and subtle imagery. There aren’t any “showstoppers” in terms of large-scale patterns as they’re all very subtle or more nuanced. Inked Blossom is one of the few that actually features imagery at all. The intricate designs have an elegant, traditional look that provides an unusual yet exciting contrast to the more contemporary grungy background. Rather than being bland, the minimalist color scheme provides the design with a more unified look as the color schemes present the floral imagery in a very authentic way. The use of two simple colors for the flowers and the “repeated” pattern adds a nice visual flavour, but it manages to maintain its simplicity.

Inked Blossom is available in 7 different colors ranging from lilac and dark gray to brown and lime green. As we’ll see later on, the Indian Summer collection also includes a plain textured wallpaper that would be perfect for pairing with Inked Blossoms as the feature or accent wall. Of course, designers need not choose the same color – consider pairing a navy blue textured pattern with a black Inked Blossom wallpaper to create a unique look!

One of the other wallpaper patterns to feature imagery is Bohemian Medallion, aptly named for its Bohemian design influences. The large symbols have both a geometric and floral look, blending the two diverse categories together to create an amazingly detailed emblem. As you can probably tell, the background is what unifies the Indian Summer wallpaper collection together. The background is a single color with rough strokes of a darker shade, creating a nuanced look. The grunge-inspired style of it really gives the overall look a weathered style that has a unique flavor that is distinctly “Indian Summer.”

The Bohemian Medallion wallpaper is available in 8 different colors including taupe, light beige, purple, and green.

Mixing and matching different products in the Indian Summer wallpaper collection is an absolute must! It’s a chance for interior designers to get creative and plan out spaces that have a consistent theme throughout the room. Textured Grunge is a plain wallpaper that can absolutely be mixed with the previous wallpaper examples. At its core, the Indian Summer collection is about showcasing the rawness of minimalist design in such a way that it creates a rough, organic look. The wallpaper colorways also speak to the mood or tone of the entire collection as it mainly focuses on deeper colors.

Textured Grunge is available in several colors, each one with that classic earthy tone. From orange and army green to deep green and lilac, there are colors available for whatever combination designers are looking to achieve.

The fourth and final pattern in the Indian Summer collection (we did say it was a smaller collection!) is Textured Mosaic. Similar to Textured Grunge, this wallpaper is on the minimalist side, making it perfect for pairing with other wallpapers. While the grunge background isn’t as noticeable, this wallpaper does feature a very subtle mosaic pattern that makes it look more uniform. For certain commercial applications, interior designers may even want to use Indian Summer’s textured wallpapers completely on their own!

Textured Mosaic is available in a dozen colors such as brown, beige, navy blue, and white.

To see more colors, be sure to browse through the entire Indian Summer! Interior designers may also want to check out the Indian Summer wallpaper collection book, the perfect addition to your work space. Still on the fence about wallpaper books? Our previous article has the top 5 reasons why they’re perfect for interior designers!

Of course, we can’t end the article without showing off some of our own favorite pairs from the Indian Summer collection. Here are some wallpaper pairings that we think would work perfectly together!


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