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46. Create A Stylish Business Office Using These Contract Wallcoverings

Posted on July 19 2018

Choosing wallcoverings for a business office is made simple with our extensive collection of contract wallpaper. Whether interior designers are looking for a low-key, professional style or a more vibrant look, here are just some contract wallcoverings that are sure to create a stylish business office!

Alhambra AL2413


First up is Alhambra, a textured wallpaper featured above in a dark gray color. In general, textured wallpaper is very versatile and easy to use, making it one of the more popular categories for commercial design projects. Unlike other wallpaper styles that feature images, such as damask or floral, textured wallpapers have a more abstract look, focusing on color and a more compact design. However, the lack of a distinct imagery doesn’t make it any less stylish. Textured wallpaper emphasizes the tactile appearance of the design, giving it a depth that adds just as much character to the room as any other wallpaper style.

Grasscloth Abaca Wallpaper GPW-DS-117

Wallpaper materials, such as natural wallpapers, can add a lot of style to the business office. Whereas traditional textured wallpaper uses its design to create a sense of texture and “feel” of the product, natural products uses its actual materials to do the job. For example, this Abaca grasscloth wallpaper has a highly textured surface, thanks to its use of threading together natural threads and fibers. Certain natural wallpapers are better suited to lower traffic areas, making it perfect for a business office rather than a lobby or reception area.

Belize 16372

For interior designers looking for a more subtle design, Belize is the perfect wallcovering that does the job. While simple painted walls don’t really add a sense of texture or durability to the space, a subtle solid-color pattern is a much more stylish alternative that is cost-effective in the long run. Featured above in a deep gray-blue tone, this contract wallcovering features a surface that’s been treated with BioPruf, protecting the walls from the growth of bacteria and mold. For textured plain wallpapers like Belize, interior designers can also pair them up with a digital mural on a featured wall, creating an even more personalized space!

Diva 15436


For a more stylized look, Diva is a geometric wallpaper featuring a small-scale, compact design. It blends together both vertical and a horizontal arrangement of lines, creating a dynamic look that adds a lot of style to a business office. With its linear design, this wallcovering is suitable for smaller offices as well since the pattern won’t be visually overwhelming. Featured above in a rich brown shade, the neutral colors add warmth to the space while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

Ellis 16309

As many designers know, color has a strong impact on our moods and can work to change the atmosphere of the space. Colors such as red, orange, and yellow add energy to the space, while more niche colors like purple and orange have a creative, extraordinary look. Colors like blue and certain shades of gray are perfect for adding a professional look to the room. It’s important to also keep note of the amount of natural light a room gets, since using dark wallpaper in a room that sees less natural light can make it feel even more dreary and dark. Contract wallcoverings, such as Ellis shown above, work best in business offices with moderate to a lot of natural light.

Cortica 16427

Using brighter or vibrant colors can dramatically transform the business office by giving it a unique personality. All wallpapers add a certain character to the space, depending on their use of color or patterning. Cortica is one such example. It features a bold orange-brown color scheme with black accents to create a subtle faux effect look. While it’s important to create a business environment that isn’t too distracting, textured wallpaper is an excellent way to inject some personality to the space through the use of color and subtle patterning.

Quantum 3193


Last but not least is this geometric wallpaper with a more minimalist color scheme. With its light beige color, this makes the contract wallcovering particularly easy to slip into pre-existing spaces that are already fully decorated with furniture and other décor items. While not your traditional geometric pattern, Quantum adds a unique flair with its shapes and layout that gives it an original, out-of-the-box look. The simplistic color maintains a clean-cut look that fits well within the business office and even other spaces as well, such as hallways and the reception area.


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