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9. Rustic Geometric Wallpaper For a Vintage Look

Posted on December 07 2017

9. Rustic Geometric Wallpaper For a Vintage Look

The terms “rustic” and “geometric” are not often used together. Geometric wallpaper designs are generally classified as contemporary thanks to their modern aesthetics, which focus on clean lines and a fresh look. Lately however, we’re seeing more mash-ups of wallpaper categories that combine two distinct styles together, such as watercolor floral wallpaper or abstract faux finish patterns. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at geometric wallpaper that focus less on contemporary aesthetics and more on the old, rustic, aged, or vintage look.


Titanium RM40806 - Imprinted Plaster


While the actual geometric part of the design focuses on minimalism, the textures in the background elevate this wallpaper to even greater heights. Featuring a collage effect, the shades of yellow and orange collide in this eye-catching, vibrant pattern. The different colored sections overlap and weave together to create a visually dynamic background. Similar to a plaster wall with its rough surface, this wallpaper mimics that style to create a backing that has a rustic flavour.

With a more subtle design, Imprinted Plaster is an excellent choice for transitional spaces such as lobbies and hallways. Given how the use of color creates such a big impact, it can also be used to compliment an existing feature wall to create a more coherent and unified color palette.


Senzai NH11203 - Painted Geometrics


Similar to the previous example, many geometric wallpapers use their background design to infuse the pattern with a rustic or weathered appearance. What we like best about this wallcovering is that it plays with the idea of contrasts in many ways. With Painted Geometrics, the background features a simplistic “scratched” or etched design that contrasts nicely with the more fluid, curved geometric patterning – rough versus smooth. The color palette and usage also presents an interesting dynamic. While the background is neutral in color, the main patterning features bold gradient colors.

Mixing watercolor, rustic, and geometric styles into one wallpaper, this elegant wallpaper has many uses. In a powder room, Printed Geometrics has a sophisticated look. With its versatile patterns, it does well in spaces both large and small.


Precious Elements NH30207 - Leathered Tiles


Achieving that perfect, edgy “weathered” look is easy, especially when using patterns with a leather aesthetic. This geometric design is more contemporary than the previous ones, but it features a unique twist. The leather faux effect gives this geometric wallpaper a softer, textured look that adds a lot of details and intrigue.

Of the color variations this wallpaper comes in, this brown/beige one stands out to us as it’s a flexible color to use in the room. Plus, the brown shades accentuate the leather pattern very well. In terms of color usage, the different triangular panels creates a three dimensional effect, adding a sense of depth. This makes it a good choice for small rooms in order to maximize the illusion that the space is larger and it actually is.


Trendspot 862737 - Distill


For a geometric wallpaper pattern that focuses less on shapes and clean lines, Distill is a rugged design that has its own unique charm. While it also features triangular shapes like the previous example, the lines are rougher and aren’t as “filled” in. It takes an almost sketch-like or handcrafted approach, giving this wallpaper a creative look.

With its original and vintage appeal, this geometric wallpaper would be a perfect fit for spaces where showcasing the room’s individuality is crucial. Spaces like a bedroom, retail store, or café would all benefit from interesting wallpaper designs that are eye-catching.


Sungosa 226620 - Speckled Spots


As a more playful geometric wallpaper, Speckled Spots features medium-scale circular images for a style that’s more minimalist. What’s interesting about this wallpaper is that it features metallic embellishments on the surface, which not only gives it a rustic, retro look but it also subtly reflects the light. This pattern straddles the line between funky and glamorous quite well, resulting in a distinctive, innovative look.

Fun patterns like this one can work well in numerous places since they are easy to “dress up” for high end spaces but they work for casual settings as well: Children and teen bedrooms, retailers, and waiting rooms are just some examples of applications.


Nomadics 17270 - Blend


Last but not least, the final rustic geometric wallpaper pattern we’re going to highlight is Blend, which features a smaller scale design. The beige/taupe color palette gives it a retro or vintage flair, but the neutral colors allow it to be easily used with pre-existing color schemes throughout the residential or commercial space. This rustic wallpaper truly “blends” different geometric principles together, particularly with the straight dashes transforming into curvy lines.

The faded or scrubbed look also introduces an interest visual element to the wallpaper, making it look like static. While the dashes give the wallpaper a verticality, the rubbed edges lean horizontally, giving this pattern a dynamic, energetic look.


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