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35. Mother’s Day Wallpaper: Trendy Floral Patterns

Posted on May 08 2018

A bouquet of flowers is one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day, but this year, designers can flex their creativity and tie it into the interior space as well. From traditional classic wallpapers to more modern wallpaper designs, this article takes a look at the latest trending floral wallpapers from our collection.


Atelier 219450 - Flower


One of the newest floral wallpaper patterns to hit our store shelves, this aptly named wallpaper, “Flower,” blends nature-themed imagery with a soft watercolor aesthetic. The jewel-toned pastel color scheme brightens the space with its interesting palette. From the soft mauves to the subdued golden tones, the minimalist design definitely does not extend to its color usage. This floral wallpaper balances the simple imagery with the complex colors well, creating a sense of symmetry between the two.


Indian Summer 218565 - Inked Blossoms

For a bohemian-inspired print, Inked Blossoms features a flatter pattern that makes for a more contemporary aesthetic. The inked design is filled with small details that create an artistic, engaging appeal. From the elegant swirls on each petal to the tiny etchings on the branches, the floral blossoms have a handmade quality. The darker blue-gray color scheme has a more subdued look, with the faded background providing a more rustic appeal. With the plain background, the focus is solely on the floral prints, which are represented in a darker gray and lighter white. What results is a stunning floral wallpaper that’s truly transformative.

Senzai NH10007 - Blossoms on Wood

Going back to a more classic aesthetic, Blossoms on Wood mixes a floral design with a faux effect background. The faux wood backing provides an elegant complimentary pattern to the large-scale branches and flowers in the foreground. While the previous wallpaper had a more abstract aesthetic, this one is emphasizing the lifelike qualities of the floral imagery. The neutral color scheme allows it to easily slip into an existing interior space, while providing a relaxed look that puts the focus entirely on the detailed floral images. Because of its detailed and large look, interior designers might be interested in creating a feature wall using this pattern.

Icon ICO103 - Nature Screen 


Another floral wallpaper that uses a faux effect aesthetic, Nature Screen takes a more geometric approach by dividing the main image into different sections, making it appear like a panelled effect. The faux wood effect in the background is much more pronounced and obvious, but it still serves to add a contemporary element that contrasts the more classical floral design. With this wallpaper, the light blues and grays are perfect for interior designers who want a more complex design but with a color scheme that maintains a sense of invitation and lightness.

Belmont 49603 - Dainty


Some floral wallpaper feature a more interconnected design that weaves floral elements across the entire surface. Similar to damask wallpaper, Dainty is a beige wallpaper where the overall design is more compact, focusing on weaving details together rather than contrasting with the plain background. While this doesn’t feature a larger ‘bordered’ design as traditional damask wallpaper, the floral motifs have a structured repetition that makes it a solid choice for hard-to-wallpaper spaces, such as smaller powder rooms.

Brocante 45963 - Fame

From a wallpaper with a lot of small details to one that focuses on simple lines, Fame is a modern wallpaper that simplifies the floral motif to one that is more abstract. With an elegant yet stylish look, the minimalist appeal is not only present in its lack of smaller details, but also its color scheme. Relying on two colors, the lighter beige stands out against the black background, offering a high-end designer look that is absolutely glamorous!

Cassata 256511 - Floral Cluster

Last but not least, let’s take a look at a floral wallpaper that features a more diverse color palette. With gold, taupe, and gray, Floral Cluster truly offers a sophisticated look that adds a sense of nature to the indoor space. Interior designers looking for a classy yet trendy wallpaper will find that this matte wallpaper is perfect for the modern space. The painted look fully simulates brush strokes, giving it a visual style that’s distinct and noticeable. Designers can get creative with this particular design, using it throughout the space or as a feature wall. When choosing complementary wallpaper, you have many colors to choose from. A darker gray textured wallpaper will give the room a darker, more enclosed feel, while a golden plain wallpaper will add a brightness to it. On the other hand, a taupe wallpaper will extend the neutral color scheme.

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