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4. Our Top 5 Digital Print Picks for Feature Walls

Posted on November 23 2017

4. Our Top 5 Digital Print Picks for Feature Walls

Feature walls are an excellent way to create a stylish look for any space, whether residential or commercial. While you can choose to use regular wallpaper, digital prints are an easier way to create that special look since they can be sized to your wall's exact dimensions. A more customizable type of wallcovering, digital prints typically feature large-scale designs that are visually appealing and eye-catching. In this article, let’s take a look at our top 5 favorite digital prints for feature walls!


1. A wintry abstract landscape


181298414 – Winter Forest


Forecasting popular trends for future seasons is something that will put designers ahead of the curve, especially when clients are looking for all the latest styles. For our first pick, we’ve chosen a digital mural that works throughout the year, but shines brightest during the winter season. Blending together nature and abstract categories, this digital mural features a snowy forest scene that is sure to set the mood in any space. The oranges and browns play off the white and grey colors beautifully, creating a strong contrast that also helps to draw attention.

What we love best about this digital mural are the slightly blurred areas and bokeh effect that add a lot of character to the image. It creates an almost dreamlike quality, making it feel like you’re walking through the forest. The vertical slices showcases tall snow-covered tress in an abstract manner that’s both intriguing and creative. It appears as an optical illusion as the thick vertical bands gradually morph into trees.


2. Weathered Wood for a Vintage Look


457009 – Rustic Wood


Sticking with the faux wood theme, faux effect digital murals are just as popular as their wallpaper counterparts. There have been many different wood patterns that have caught our attention, but this one makes it on our list for a variety of reasons. The large pattern imbues the space with a sense of scale with the large wooden planks spread out across the wall space. In the image above, you can see how the digital mural has been used to accent the wall where visitors access the elevators.

The neutral colors of this digital print also allows it to be easily incorporated into a preexisting color palette of the interior space. It also works well with both light and dark color schemes. With a light color palette, this wood digital print makes the space feel more casual whereas when it's used with a darker color palette, this makes the space more cozy and enclosed.


3. A Splash of Color To Brighten Up The Room


6332046 – Windmill Avenue Collection


Sometimes, all the space needs is a touch of color to make it feel lively and fresh. Abstract digital prints are perfect for this since the focus won’t necessarily be on the imagery or pattern but the use of color instead. With this example above, the white, purple, and blue has a retro feel that’s slightly reminiscent of the “Solo Jazz” cup design popular in the 1990s.

The textured appearance of the background adds another design element into the mix, giving it a rough look. Again, it’s a play of contrasts as the colors have a watercolor look that’s meant to be more fluid. Combining the two creates a grunge or punk aesthetic that works to make the atmosphere more playful and fun.


4. Go on vacation with photorealistic scenery


CL07A - Barcelona


Thanks to improved printing technology, digital wallpaper murals enjoy a high degree of realistic details. This means even on a much larger scale, the colors and image edges remain sharp and crisp. For an ultra colorful, realistic print, we can think of no better than this gorgeous mural of Barcelona.

Nothing says “feature wall” more than an image that immediately grabs the attention of visitors as they enter a room. This urban digital print would be a great addition to a restaurant since the image cityscape would help set the mood and theming. In the example above, the digital print has been used in a residential setting in a large bathroom. As with any feature wall, these digital prints truly shine on larger walls where the image can be fully displayed.


5. Looking up at the stars


Custom Murals ASTRO-100 - Astronaut


It’s a look that is truly out of this world. For a sci-fi aesthetic that’s original and creative, this Astronaut digital mural does the trick. The black and white imagery is brimming with details, from the starry space in the background to the rocky surface in the foreground. The central image of the astronaut is eye-catching while the overall symmetry works to create an aesthetically pleasing scene.

With a simple color scheme, pairing other wallpaper patterns with this digital mural is easy. Consider using a black and white pattern on other walls to compliment the feature wall. A damask pattern would add a sense of sophistication while providing a nice contrast. On the other hand, a geometric wallpaper would add to the sci-fi elements, creating a unified theme throughout the space.


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