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2. The Most Influential Wallpaper Designers

Posted on November 02 2017

2. The Most Influential Wallpaper Designers


Designer wallpaper is more than just a brand name – it’s wallpaper that’s been designed by those who intimately understand the interior space and the needs of modern rooms today. Whether it’s a classic take on contemporary patterns or using different art styles, designer wallpaper often pushes the limit in terms of art décor.

Designer wallpaper (and the visionaries that create them) add a unique flair to interiors. In this article, we take a look at some of our favorite wallpaper designs of today!



Nina Hancock has quickly become one of our favorites and with good reason. With three stellar wallpaper collections already, her designs create a sense of style that ranges from bold patterns in vivid colors to more subtle, traditional looks.

Her hands on approach to designing means each and every pattern produced has a unique flair indiciative of her visual style. The idea of natural beauty and color are important parts in her designing process. Take a look at a selection from her collections below:


The Brockhall collection has a traditional and rustic flair. Many of the colors in this set range from soft pastels to neutrals, making these wallpapers a flexible choice for any space. The main motif for Brockhall is floral imagery that bloom across the surface.

There are classic floral styles that uses ornate “plaster” stripes in order to create a sense of tradition. Other patterns, such as Concrete Floral, mixes together two popular categories, floral and faux effects, to create a unique look.

Here are some other highlights from the Brockhall collection:


English Garden (Collection: Brockhall NH20404)


Feathered Floral (Collection: Brockhall NH21008)


Vintage Wainscot (Collection: Brockhall NH21904)


Precious Elements contains an eclectic collection of patterns that truly stand out. From vintage stacks of luggage to jewel-toned marble, this set of designs is all about the unexpected. Here are some wallpaper patterns that have proven to be a hit with both designers and clients alike:


Retro Luggage (Collection: Precious Elements NH31304)


Marbled Sand (Collection: Precious Elements NH30907) 


Traditional Aged Brick (Collection: Precious Elements NH30404)


Hancock’s third collection, Senzai, features natural-themed patterns and watercolor (the latter is proving to be a very popular trend this year). What we love about this collection in particular is the fact that you can create gorgeous feature walls while mixing and matching with other designs in Senzai.


Watercolor Field of Bamboo (Collection: Senzai NH10504)


Textured Painted Sponge (Collection: Senzai NH10304)


Minimalist Watercolor Fish Pond (Collection: Senzai NH11300)


If your next design project requires a stylish, creative touch, Nina Hancock’s wallpaper collections are worth considering! Her designs offer the best of both worlds, ranging from traditional floral designs with classic motifs to contemporary aesthetics for modern spaces.



Moving in the totally opposite direction, Edward Van Vliet’s Layers collection  features strong geometric imagery often imposed on a simple or natural-themed background. This juxtaposition makes for some excellent theming. Take a look below: 


Interplay (Collection: Layers 49062)


 Intrinsic (Collection: Layers 49040)


 Evolution (Collection: Layers 48990)


Pure (Collection: Layers 49051) 

Colors in this collection contain a nice variety, ranging from neutrals to vibrant, multi-colored patterns. At its core, however, Layers is a collection that emphasizes geometric design principles. The lines, both straight and curvy, create a sense of dynamic movement on the walls, giving the space an energetic mood. Wood patterns also make an appearance, whether it's at the forefront (like the Pure wallpaper pattern above) or as a backdrop.



The third and final designer on our list is Nico Tijsen. His wallpaper collection, Rivièra Maison, showcases natural elements in its visuals, such as tweed and straw. This gives any space an earthy, organic atmosphere. The photorealistic design is abundant with details, mimicking the "real" thing.


Private Moments (Collection: Rivièra Maison 18281)


Plantation Rattan Stripe (Collection: Rivièra Maison 18310)


Driftwood (Collection: Rivièra Maison 18291)


Pretty Paisley (Collection: Rivièra Maison 18381)


Elegant in its execution, Tijsen’s designs have a timeless appearance. Adding a hint of class and sophistication to a space is made easy with this collection. Though he focuses on highlighting organic materials and emphasizes an authentic ambiance, patterns like Pretty Paisley (see above) offer a more modern twist.


Designed With The Space In Mind

For your next design project, why not explore the world of designer wallpaper? The designers we’ve highlighted above are just some of our favorites that are leading the way in the industry, setting trends, and staying creative.




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