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5. Top Digital Wallcovering Trends for Retailers

Posted on November 21 2017

5. Top Digital Wallcovering Trends for Retailers

Wallpaper and other wallcovering styles are a big trend among businesses both large and small. Making a huge visual impact, adding wall décor can make the space stand out from competitors while bolstering a brand’s image with consumers. Apparel, accessories, footwear, books – all types of retailers benefit from improving their store’s aesthetics. In this article, we take a look at some different digital wallcovering styles that have been trending this year, all of which are perfect for use as retail wallpaper.


“Wispy” Watercolor Digital Print Wallcoverings


Solstice 2001019 - Needle Leaves


Watercolor wallpaper have been trending this year in residential and commercial projects alike. This artistic style portrays a creative touch with its gentle brushstrokes and excellent use of color. It’s an aesthetic that works with all types of spaces and with any style of retailer.

For a more natural watercolor look, this nature-inspired digital print features large-scale leaves in a lush green color palette. The different shades of green, as well as the placement of the thin leaves adds a dynamic movement to the walls that creates a sense of energy. Digital prints that can be customized offers additional benefits over traditional wallpaper. This is because the image can be edited in order to fit a client’s needs. If the default vivid green doesn’t fit a retailer’s vision or space, then the colors can be edited. A great way to alter the image is to use a color similar to a business’ logo or established color palette.


Solstice 2001013 - Feather Ribbon


Using digital prints in a retailer’s showroom can help bring the design together, creating its very own “mood”. For example, if a designer’s project is for a furniture retailer, imagine the image above as a showroom. Using a digital print ties together the furniture pieces and creates an atmosphere that resembles the “real” thing – in this case, a bedroom. Similar to the leaf digital print, the “wispy” feathery look has an abstract appeal, focusing on color usage and how they blend together to create an elegant backdrop.


Faux Effect Digital Print Wallcoverings


Custom Murals GRA-100 - Graffiti


Faux effects such as concrete, wood, and brick have been immensely popular for many years now thanks to its stylish look that mimics real materials. With our first pick, we think this digital print is a unique take on the category since it also features graffiti designs that add a punk aesthetic. The default bold colors make it a perfect fit for retailers that have an adventurous, individualistic, or creative brand image.


Structures 372241 - Saturated Wood


For a more traditional faux effect print, this one features a rustic wood pattern that is sure to please. Its neutral color palette and imagery are the strengths in its versatility, making it an excellent choice for both casual and high-end settings. Unlike the previous digital print which is designed to be the center of attention, this wood digital print is more subtle and it helps tie together the design elements in a space.


Black and White Digital Print Wallcoverings


Curated Bespoke Murals 2001011 - Morning on the Mountain


Black and white digital prints have a minimalist look that’s both on-trend and flexible. With the absence of color comes a new set of advantages – the print is flexible and easy to use regardless of what type of retailer the client has. This digital print, Morning on the Mountain, has a relaxed, atmospheric feed that creates a zen setting. When used on a large wall, the large design creates a sense of scale and awe.



Whereas the mountain digital print has a serene, sophisticated appeal, Cloudy Splatters is more playful and energetic. The scattered drops of paint gives this mural a grunge aesthetic, while its overall abstract appearance makes it versatile in its usage, much like the wood digital print above. What we like best about this digital print is how it opens up a world of possibilities when used in a retail setting. When used in conjunction with other furniture items and/or placed alongside a store’s merchandise, it becomes easy to dress it up for a designer look or go for a more casual appearance.


Urban Digital Print Wallcoverings


City Love CL06A - Los Angeles, Hollywood Wallpaper


For our last trendy pick, we’re going to highlight a collection that focuses on urban aesthetics – City Love. An example from this book is this Hollywood digital print, which comes in full color, black and white, and sepia. We’re fans of this full-color version because it adds a lot of details to the image. As with all any digital print, what makes it stand out is the high-quality printing process which results in a large amount of details.


City Love CL20C - Broadway, New York


The last urban digital print on our list is this iconic image of a New York street post. Using a sepia color scheme creates a traditional, classic look, perfect for any elegant or stylish space. Unlike other previous examples such as the watercolor murals which can be used throughout the entire space, this one functions better as a feature wall. When used as a single wall, this Broadway digital print truly sets the stage, transforming the space into an urban, city-inspired environment.


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