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The Pangea Pod Hotel Project

Posted on June 13 2018

The Pangea Pod Hotel Project

Digital prints are part of a hot trend that has been growing quickly thanks to their huge impact and versatility in the design industry. Prime Walls recently worked with Bricault Design in Vancouver to create 2,100 square feet of seamless type II contract digital print designs to flow through the brand new, first of its kind in Canada, Pangea Pod Hotel. The ability to combine custom images and artwork with a variety of unique substrates allows Prime Walls to offer the perfect contract digital prints for hotels and any other applications.

At Prime Walls, we walk through the process with our customers step by step to achieve a result that exceeds expectations. No project is too big, in fact we welcome our customers’ unique challenges. Our contact at Bricault Design sent us over a couple of designs to use on the walls in the hallways and in the pods themselves at the Pangea Pod Hotel.

The first step involves a discussion with our sales representative and the client to go over details such as square footage, pricing, and substrates. Our team is knowledgeable about the product and process and welcomes any questions or concerns by remaining in constant contact throughout the entire process.

Pricing may change depending on substrate chosen. Prime Walls offers over 50 Type II vinyl substrates with different textures and looks; including mattes, metallics, and faux glassbead, to allow for complete customization of your type II contract digital print. In the case of the Pangea Pod Hotel, they ended up choosing between our Cubic substrate for a geometric texture, and our Matte substrate for a simple, sleek finish.

prime walls digital prints substrate binder








 Once basic information is confirmed, the sales rep will go over design details such as scale, colour, and any other design changes that the client may have.  If needed, our graphic designer will also join the conversation to answer any questions or address any design challenges that may arise.

Strike-offs are then printed to give the client a visual of the real life scale and colour of their contract digital print. Strike-offs typically come in 2’x2’ squares and are printed on the substrate of choice. Prime Walls also orders a duplicate strike-off for reference to assure that the transition from sample to final print is as smooth as possible.

prime walls digital prints strike off sample

prime walls digital print textured substrate

prime walls digital prints textured substrate

Usually after seeing the strike-off, the client might have a couple of things they would like to change, such as colour. We recommend giving colour references based on either CMYK or Pantone colours so that we can best match it with our printer. This particular client wanted a purply-grey that was more grey than purple, so we supplied them with 4 colour options to choose from.

prime walls digital prints color change strike off sample

prime walls digital print strike off color change sample




Once everything is approved for final printing, we schedule your contract digital print to be printed and shipped immediately.



Have a tight deadline? No problem. Most of our clients reach out to us with fast-approaching deadlines. Our type II contact digital prints have a turnaround time of 15-20 business days from date of approval. If that still doesn’t fit your deadline, you can discuss rush options with our team.

Prime Walls is proud to offer custom solutions and contract digital prints for hotels, retail, healthcare, and more. Visit us online or contact your sales rep today to get your project started.


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