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15. Trends, Designers, and More: Our Top Wallpaper Stories from 2017

Posted on December 21 2017

2017 has been a great year for interior design. From wallpaper patterns that inspire us to collections that bring together some of the most creative looks, we couldn’t think of a better way to end the year than by celebrating some of the most memorable highlights. Let’s take a look back at 2017 and all of our favorite trends, wallpapers, and designers!

Trends That Change Up The Space

Examining wallpaper trends something we’re passionate about. Hundreds upon hundreds of styles are released each year and it’s our job to search this ocean of incredible wallpaper designs to bring you the best of the best. From classic red brick to intricate damask styles, it can be easy to get lost when searching for the perfect pattern for your next project. However, popular wallpaper styles aren’t just about what’s trending but rather what will be trending in future seasons. On-trend wallpaper patterns now can have just as much staying power as timeless designs. The trick is figuring out how to incorporate them into your space.

From fall wallpaper trends to popular winter styles, 2017 was all about contrasts. Minimalist patterns versus complex designs; light versus dark colors; subtle styles versus vibrant, “in your face” wallpaper.

Senzai NH10504 - Watercolor Field of Bamboo

This year marked the explosion of watercolor wallpaper. It was trending near the end of 2016 and it became a fully-fledged wallpaper trend in 2017. What makes this wallpaper style so popular? With its handpainted look, the soft brush strokes convey a sense of creativity that sets it apart from more structured categories such as geometry or stripes. It toed the line between contemporary and traditional, meaning its appeal is broader. With so many new wallpaper designs being released, watercolor wallpaper has been its own category for a while, but within this category you’ll find many other designs as well – floral watercolor, abstract watercolor, faux effect watercolor, and so on.

Neo Royal 218634 - Curving Marble

Faux effects wallpaper also saw a major addition with the rising popularity of marble wallpaper. While the older faux effect styles (brick, concrete, and wood) have remained extremely popular throughout the years, marble wallpaper has a classy touch that makes it different than the other three. It has a modern, high-end look that focuses on smooth lines and a soft appearance, rather than a weathered, rustic, or and industrialized aesthetic. Some marble wallpaper, such as the one featured above, may blend different wallpaper styles together. In this case, faux effect (marble) with a geometric or minimalist overlay.


Wallpaper Patterns that Got Our Attention

It really is hard to narrow down the best patterns we’ve seen this year. From herringbone wood patterns that add a cozy look to the space to Bohemian-inspired prints, 2017 was a true treasure trove of impeccably designed wallpapers. Here are some stand-out wallpaper from this year:

Modern Motifs 218221 - Digital Garden 


Since this category is all about wallpaper patterns that got our attention, let’s start the list off with an amazing design that’s not only original but offers a playful modern take on a traditional image. With Digital Garden, floral landscapes have been “digitized” or pixelated, resulting in thousands of smaller squares that, when viewed from a distance, creates the actual image. Thus, when viewed from a distance, you will be able to see the flower blossoms that spread across the surface; when viewed up close, the geometric style of this wallpaper shines. This pattern comes in a variety of colors, but this red/pink color palette caught our attention immediately with its vibrant look.


Neo Royal 218654 - Painted Damask

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include at least one watercolor wallpaper on our list of top wallpaper patterns. While there have been many that came out in 2017, nothing grabbed our attention quite like this bold damask design. It has an aesthetic similar to an ink-blot stain, with its symmetrical design creating nice sense of repetition. Though the color palette is relatively simple with just blue and white (and a tiny hint of gold), watercolor patterns often include color gradients that take it to the next step. The different shades of blue create a sense of depth and intrigue, adding a visual flow to the damask motifs that wouldn’t be seen on a solid-color print.

Precious Elements NH30404 - Traditional Aged Brick

Faux effect (or faux finish) wallpapers are those that mimic real materials such as wood, brick, and concrete. Those three are the most popular and common styles, but there are other up-and-coming patterns as well – plaster, marble, and tile, just to name a few. For our last pick, let’s go with a classic brick wallpaper with a bit of a twist. Traditional Aged Brick features all the makings of a traditional brick pattern, but it also features a more diverse color scheme rather than just red or brown shades. The addition of the green/blue tones provides a cool color contrast to the warm red and brown colors. The photorealistic imagery also features deep-set brick, which adds a sense of depth to the flat walls.


Senzai NH10209 - Vibrant Bloom 


Designer Wallpaper that Pushed the Boundaries

Designer wallpapers were highlighted in one of our earlier articles, The Most Influential Wallpaper Designers. For this last category, we’d like to highlight a designer we think made the biggest splash in 2017. That designer is none other than Nina Hancock. With three strong wallpaper collections, she has shown that her designs are not only timeless, but are very much steeped in contemporary culture and tastes. 


From the naturalistic tones and watercolor aesthetics of Senzai, the blending of rustic and tradition in Brockhall, and the bold use of color and natural design styles in Precious Elements, all three of Hancock’s collections have a wide appeal.



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