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26. Tiled Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Posted on March 01 2018

Instead of installing actual tiles in the bathroom, interior designers should consider using tiled wallpaper instead. It’s an excellent mess-free alternative that simulates the look of tiles without the hassle of installation or added costs. Traditional tiled wallpaper, often found in the geometric wallpaper category, adds a structured look to the bathroom space with its symmetrical look. Other tile wallpapers, as we will see below, have a more creative look that adds a lot of style to the room. Either way, it’s easy to create a classic tiled look using wallpaper to liven up the space. Take a look at some of our top bathroom wallpaper picks below!

Intenz - Mosaic Tile 49104


For a classic look, Mosaic Tile features a small scale tile pattern in a gorgeous blue color. A glossy surface and textured grout are just some features of real tiles. What this wallpaper does is simulate the look and feel of the actual materials. With a subtle raised surface, the textured wallpaper conveys a sense of depth on the walls, adding a tactile “touch and feel” element.

This textured look is enhanced thanks to the wallpaper’s subtle shiny surface, which creates a glamorous look without being over the top. This refined elegance is a general theme that is common among the majority of tile wallpaper.

Splendour - Marble Squares NL06077

Marble tiles is another trendy add-on to any bathroom space, and while real marble can be quite costly, marble wallpaper is a stylish alternative that’s budget-friendly. Mimicking the classic marble look, Marble Squares is a traditional wallpaper that uses color and textural aesthetics to create a visibly stunning appearance. The grey color scheme only adds to the polished, tasteful look.

Precious Elements - Dimensional Marble NH30807

Mixing wallpaper styles into one multi-themed wallpaper is a concept that’s on the rise. With our next pick, Dimensional Marble mixes faux effects (marble) and geometric aesthetics into one memorable design. While not a “traditional” tile wallpaper, the interconnected squares do add a strong tile-like appearance. Bathroom wallpaper can be transformative, and that’s exactly what this particularly pattern is meant for!

Modern Motifs - Rustic Tiles NU19153


For a more contemporary look, Rustic Tiles utilizes a smoother, two-toned aesthetic, featuring a creative modern twist that makes it look unique. The gray-blue and taupe have an interesting dynamic, adding both a cool and warm color scheme to the space. The slightly off-center layout of the tiles gives it an abstract, distinctive visual effect. This isn’t something that can be easily replicated with real tile materials but for this bathroom wallpaper, getting the “uneven” look is as simple as pasting the wall.

Interior designers can also look to digital prints for tile wallpaper in the bathroom. Easily customizable, digital prints can be edited to fit your project specifications. With Broken Tiles, this large-scale pattern features a geometric look that blends realism and abstract motifs. The “broken” tiles add a lifelike appeal to the design with its grungy aesthetic and rustic characteristics. Playing with the idea of contrast, the swirling designs are fitted inside a rigid square, while the crack tiles sit next to ones that are pristine.

This weathered faux effect wallpaper is definitely a different take on tile designs. Rather than a repeating set of uniform squares, the different rectangular shapes maintain that geometric look while also adding interesting features. With a look that simulates metal boards, the rustic qualities of the pattern are centered on its use of color and “grunge” aesthetics. The rich brown tones mixes with the more modern gray backing, creating a weathered effect that adds a sense of age and eccentricity to the bathroom.

Titanium RM40708 - Sliced Circles


Last but not least is a stunning geometric pattern that shines as bathroom wallpaper. Again, it plays with the idea of contrasts but this time larger circles are encased inside each square. The shapes add a high degree of visual interest, giving the bathroom a dynamic, almost energetic feel. The neutral-themed taupe color palette makes it a flexible choice for the interior space, allowing the wallpaper to easily slide into pre-existing spaces.

Overall, tiled wallpaper is an excellent choice as bathroom wallpaper because it’s not only visually congruent with the setting, but it’s an on-trend look that utilizes interesting, dynamic design motifs!


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