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40. On-Trend Father's Day Wallpaper

Posted on June 07 2018

If you read our article for Mother’s Day, you’ll remember that we focused on one particular wallpaper category: floral prints. For Father’s Day, let’s do something a bit different! Rather than focus on a specific style, we’re going to look at creating a certain atmosphere or mood within the room - a masculine rugged and rustic appeal that doesn’t sacrifice style or professional elegance. Below, we’ve selected pairs of wallpaper patterns that fit this visual style. Enjoy!

For Father’s Day, why not consider one of the most popular wallpaper styles! Faux effect wallpaper generally have an authentic, real-world look that can be hard to articulate. With our first wallpaper pair, we’re showing off brick wallpaper but in a color other than the iconic red. With a cooler color scheme, these gray/white brick wallpaper designs add a more contemporary touch to the space; on the other hand, red brick wallpaper generally adds a more traditional or old-school appeal. Traditional Aged Brick from the Precious Elements wallpaper collection is a photorealistic take on brick wallpaper. The minute details add to its lifelike qualities. Running Bond Brick has a contemporary flatter look that emphasizes repetition and a polished look over depth.

Digital murals can make an excellent Father’s Day gift, especially since they can be easily customized (for more details on all things digital wallpaper, check out our previous article, The Ultimate Guide To Digital Murals). With our next two wallpapers, we’re featuring some high-end designer looks that add a strong contemporary aesthetic to any space. Best used as feature walls, both digital murals have a clean, refreshing look that emphasizes a minimalist approach in its designs. Connected Lines has an iconic black and gold color scheme, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to the room. Rounded Cube Pattern features more curves, such as the rounded lines and the circles. With their dark color schemes, both make a visual impact, creating a bold look that’s intense.

For fathers that love the look of a retro automobile, this digital mural is a great choice. Featuring a stunning photorealistic close-up of a vintage car, this example truly shows how digital murals are much different than traditional wallpaper. Small details bring the image to life, whether it’s palm trees in the background or the subtle color changes. Speaking of color, that’s one area where interior designers can really get creative. The same Miami Car digital wallpaper is shown above in full color and black and white. Depending on your vision for the space, you may feel like one or the other is the better choice. The version on the left adds a burst of color to the space, transforming it by adding a heightened sense of energy and stylishness. On the other hand, black and white is a completely viable option too. It has an authentic feel that creates a sense of tradition and history – it’s a very classic look that fits the subject matter as well!

Going back to faux effects wallpaper, leather is one sub-category that infuses the space with a warmth and luxury often unrivaled by its more popular/common faux options, such as brick, wood, and concrete. Leather wallpaper tends to have a handmade look, and it’s this very notion that makes it perfect as a Father’s Day wallpaper. The handcrafted appeal is a match made in heaven for those who enjoy working with their hands and both of our leather wallpaper examples have a bit of this organic look. Patched leather is filled with small details, such as the seams and rough edges that make it look like a patchwork of different leather strips. The brown shades are each slightly different, enough to make a visual impact but not too varied as to make it hard to insert into pre-existing rooms. Weathered Leather is a faux effect wallpaper that takes the leather pattern and adds a touch of abstract visual design to make it more unique. It’s much more rustic than the previous example, opting to create “stress” marks and other “imperfections” in order to create a weathered surface.

Last but not least, those designing a space don’t necessarily have to limit themselves when it comes to wallpaper categories and creating a specific mood. While floral wallpapers often feature a more feminine aesthetic, there are certain designs that are the complete opposite, or are more general in terms of its appeal. To round off our list of trendy Father’s Day wallpaper, let’s take a look at two such floral wallpapers! First is Stylized Leaf; with its quirky look and minimalist color palette, the aptly named wallpaper has a comic book aesthetic that makes it more versatile than, say, traditional floral damask patterns. Designers who are choosing wall décor based on a pre-existing space will find themselves in an easier position given this wallpaper’s neutral white and black. Though most floral wallpapers do feature flowers and other blossoms, that’s not always the case. Many times, floral wallpaper is a broader term that includes nature-themed imagery as well, such as Jungle Imprinted. With large leaves and strands of grass, this is a more gender-neutral take on “floral” wallpaper. It features more color than the previous floral wallpaper, but it still retains a simplicity that’s both stylish and relaxing.


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