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8. 2017 Winter Wallpaper Trends

Posted on December 05 2017

8. 2017 Winter Wallpaper Trends

Finding a stylish design that works throughout the year but shines brightest during the winter season is an easy task, thanks to our extensive collection of designer wallpaper. In taking a look at winter trends, we focus our selection on designs that are versatile and can be translated to different seasons, especially since homeowners and residential clients alike will want a look that stands the test of time (throughout the entire year!). Take a look below at the five wallcovering patterns we’ve selected for our 2017 winter wallpaper trends.


Minimalist and Abstract Tree Wallpaper Designs


Denim 17890 - Winter Trees


From less daylight to the snow covered ground, with the winter season comes numerous visual changes in our outdoor environments. One such change is trees, which lose their leaves and adopt a more bare form. Inspiring our first pick winter wallpaper trends, minimalism is a style that we thinks works well throughout the season, but tree designs in particular are incredibly timely when used in the winter season. Featured in a soft grey/taupe shade, Winter Trees is a wallpaper that does more with less. A simplistic color palette matches the simplistic design, creating a subtle look that is stylish, yet not over the top in terms of boldness or vibrancy.


Van Gogh 17160


Less minimalism and more abstract, this design is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s impressionist art style. The feathery brushstrokes convey an artistic, creative appeal, perfect for use as a feature wall in various applications, whether it’s a retail store or bedroom. It almost conveys a snowy look with the soft appearance of the edges. As winter wallpaper, the crisp pastel blue shades work well with the faded yellow colors, creating a bright look that is sure to add energy to the space.


Red and Green: Inspiring a Holiday “Feel” Through the use of colors


Sungosa 227337 - Rustic Duo


For those who want to partake in the holiday season but aren’t necessarily wanting to keep the Christmas tree up year round, using specific wallpaper colors is an excellent way to hint at the holidays without actually overtly displaying common motifs. Red and green wallpaper is the solution. Our first pick is traditional striped wallpaper in two red shades, giving it a dual stripe effect. This one actually features metallic embellishments on the surface, which subtly reflects the light. These “scratches” makes this red striped wallpaper feel rustic and weathered.


Senzai NH11202 - Painted Geometrics


Combining watercolor and geometric aesthetics, this green wallpaper has an invigorating look that’s both unique and contemporary. With a gradient effect, the green beautifully morphs into yellow tones for a fresh look. The interesting use of color combined with an elegant pattern makes it appealing for both residential and commercial applications.


Cozy Wood Wallpaper and Digital Murals


Wood NU19163 - Wood Weathered Panels


For the winter season, faux effect wallpaper and digital print continue to be the stand out choice. This traditional pattern has all the classic markings of wood wallpaper designs: a warm brown color palette that’s inviting; a photorealistic take on wood grain; and an authentic “aging” or water stained effect that adds a raw appeal. When used throughout the room, Wood Weathered Panel wallpaper transforms the space into a rustic cabin, perfect for that winter "staycation".


Wood Digital Print - 6332045


In one of our previous article, we highlighted a gorgeous snow-themed wood wallpaper mural that would be perfect for the winter season. Another one of our picks is this eye-catching digital mural. With a blue coloring that definitely fits the winter season, the cool color tones is a nice contrast to the warm brown shades. The blue and browns work together to create a nice retro or vintage look.


Stylish White Wallpaper For A Sophisticated Look


Yala YAD19551 - Traditional Marble

Recreate a picturesque winter wonderland with white wallpaper! As one of the most versatile wallpaper colors, white wallpaper can be easily used in a pre-existing room. Far from plain and bland, white wallpaper is often a sophisticated choice for any space. The absence of any bold or obvious color means more attention is placed on the wallpaper’s design. For our first pick, we’re choosing this elegant marble pattern, perfect for achieving that high-end, designer look.


Art of Living 49452 - Chevron


With our 2017 winter wallpaper trends, it’s not just about designs and imagery that invokes the feeling of winter, but the color palette is also an important part. For a more contemporary look, this white and light grey Chevron wallpaper features a thick geometric pattern that is sure to catch the eye. The zigzag design adds a feeling of dynamic movement to the walls, infusing any space with energy and liveliness.


Traditional Wallpaper with a Classic Theme


Seraphine 076638 - Floral Yarn


Last but not least, the last winter wallpaper trend we want to highlight is a return from contemporary aesthetics to a more traditional or classic look. A lot of traditional themed wallpaper is centered on the use of floral imagery. As one of the most popular and widely used images, floral wallpaper has an elegant appeal that can be dressed “up” or down, depending on the interior space. With these last two picks, these traditional floral wallpaper designs have a more historic or classic look, rather than modern. First, this Floral Yarn wallpaper features linen materials that creates a highly textured and ridged look. The blue images (another popular winter wallpaper color) stands out on the white background, creating a minimalist aesthetic that’s great for communal spaces such as the dining room.


Brockhall NH20411 - English Garden


The last wallpaper pattern we want to highlight is this gorgeous print featuring large floral blooms that weave across the surface. Similar to the previous example, the images are placed on a solid color background, creating an intriguing visual contrast. An excellent choice to create a festive atmosphere, the large amount of details breathes life into this wallpaper, making it a memorable choice.


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