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30. Featured Wallpaper Collection: Neo Royal

Posted on March 28 2018

Browsing through the Neo Royal wallpaper collection, one thing becomes clear: Marcel Wanders has put together an exception assortment of wallpaper designs that combine a modern touch with a sophisticated elegance meant to transform any space. Whether interior designers are looking for wall décor for a residential or commercial project, getting the “luxe” look is now made simple. In today’s article, we’ll be highlighting some of Neo Royal’s most creative designs. Now, let’s get inspired!

Neo Royal 218634 - Curving Marble


Faux effect wallpaper styles have generally been dominated by patterns such as brick, concrete, and wood. The Neo Royal collection aims to change that by focusing on other faux designs. For instance, this wallpaper features a traditional classic marble design that adds a sense of luxury to the space, transforming it into a high-end atmosphere. However, part of what makes Neo Royal patterns stand out is the additional design elements. Curving Marble also features a thin geometric overlay. Although minimalist in nature, it adds a contemporary visual element to the more classic background.

Neo Royal 218605 - Flannel Color Burn

Applying a more modern aesthetic to traditional or classic designs is a theme that is consistent among many of the Neo Royal wallpapers. Flannel Color Burn is an excellent example of this combination. The small-scale plaid background is generally minimalist in design, but a color burn has been applied to give it a unique aesthetic. The color scheme is transformed into something creative, giving the flannel design an updated, contemporary look. The dark green colors contrast with the white areas, providing a dramatic look typically not associated with such minimalist patterns.

Neo Royal 218647 - Jeweled Kaleidoscope

Many of the Neo Royal wallpapers in this collection can be described as “bold,” “vibrant,” and “creative.” This next wallpaper we’re going to highlight is certain no exception. Featuring a kaleidoscopic pattern, this abstract wallpaper is a visual feast perfect for creating an out-of-this-world aesthetic. Because of the amount of detail and colors, interior designers should consider using this as a feature wall in smaller to medium spaces to avoid an overly “busy” look; in larger spaces, this complex design can be used throughout the room on all walls.

Neo Royal 218629 - Digital Floral Tiles


Floral motifs – check. Geometric design – check. Inspired by faux finish materials – check. Digital Floral Tiles is another mash up of different styles, creating a one-of-a-kind, eccentric wallpaper pattern. Similar to previous wallpapers featured above, the imagery and background uses a more traditional design, such as the floral motifs that add a sense of nature. These designs are accompanied by a traditional tile design that uses both linear and curved portions. However, the “top” or foreground design has a “digitalized” overlay that not only makes the image look like it’s “glitching,” but it adds a burst of color as well in select areas.

Neo Royal 218654 - Painted Damask

Damask wallpaper patterns are another traditional classic design that never really goes out of style – it just gets reiterated and updated. However, the complex details of traditional damask motifs are thrown out the window in this Neo Royal reimagining. Instead, the damask shape is rendered in a watercolor or painted aesthetic, giving it a more minimalist, modern look. Adding an artistic edge to the space, the simplistic color scheme has the appearance of large-scale inkblots. Overall, this wallpaper represents an excellent blend of “old” and “new” aesthetics.

Neo Royal 218641 - Minimalist Bubbles

Small scale patterns are versatile and flexible. Interior designers looking for a wallpaper pattern that can be easily slipped into a space should take a look at Minimalist Bubbles, an abstract/geometric wallpaper that features a “digital” look. Featured above in a neutral color, the subtlety of the pattern makes it perfect for general-use spaces, such as hallways, lobbies, and reception areas. This Neo Royal wallpaper also contains a lot of details, which may not be picked up at first glance.

Neo Royal 218621 - Vertical Gradients


Even with more traditional wallpaper, such as stripes, the “Neo Royal twist” is still prevalent, transforming a simpler style into a more dramatic pattern. With Vertical Gradients, the monochromatic color scheme has a 3D effect, making the stripes “pop” off the walls. This minimalist look can be used throughout the space or to compliment a feature wall. Regardless of how designers use this pattern, it’s a new take on striped wallpaper, which is one of the oldest styles of wallpaper.

Neo Royal 218613 - Textured Pearls


Last but not least, Textured Pearls is another interesting take on striped wallpaper, but with additional visual elements that transform it from a simple pattern to one that incorporates a sense of glamour and elegance. It conveys a classic look that balances simplicity and stylishness well, making it a versatile pattern for various applications. Featured in a navy blue, the rich colors is also indicative of the Neo Royal collection.

In summary, the Neo Royal collection’s focus on elegance means interior designers will have no problem creating spaces that are not only luxurious but creative as well. If the patterns showcased in this article interest you, don’t forget that the Neo Royal wallpaper collection book is also available for purchase. These handy collection books contain large samples of every single pattern and color, making it easy to browse through the different products.

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